.let’s do IT #organic

.hey people, ça va? how are u? ready to end up with this year, to finish ur stuff and tun new page? are u prepare for party or u’ll celebrate it peaceful this time?


:I didn’t have a lot of time to write things here, but even like this I used to receive some mails from wordpress that my blog is booming and gets a lot of traffic. sooo, well, yes, today I decide to refresh it a bit, since is weekend and I didn’t went out. how do u like it? d side bar and d part on d bottom are new, before I use some online service for free image links but after a while they were gone. probably they clean d base or smt. never mind! 😀

let’s see what we have today?

p2– earlier today I wrote an article for my web site for this artist and I start thinking that this is not just daily art that will go back to nowhere. .. u know, great art nowadays is just some content that we eat daily. but, this, this is a #lifetime #project. yes, definitely it is!

:this awesome man, Ra Paulette from New Mexico, decide to create sculptures inside caves. He spent over 10 years in creating about 14 magical caves, full with different lights and ambient, different forms and structures. it’s not a little thing to spend a decade excavating tunnels and passageways, digging, creating intricate patterns and carving designs and benches in the sandstone cliffs in northern New Mexico.

– great concept and pure motivation, this is d moment when being cavedigger it’s not only perceive as physical work but with d soul of d art. this is magnum opus, this is d best from his work!

ra-paulette-cave-carving-13each cathedral-like room takes him years to complete and is a masterwork that was created without the use of machines, еach room has its own unique design with patterns that were carved by hand. smooth carved walls, natural light from mountainside windows and sensual, sweeping lines.

do u like this idea? what about making ur personal imaginarium, cave of ur dreams that will be somewhere near ur house. no tools, no machines, only u and ur will of making someting amazing. will u or u just want to reblog this post on ur “white space”? anyway . .. u can leave ur comments below or on :d white b[l]og ::: #facebook page

:thanks for being here, catch u up later! 🙂

:d `land of two rivers ~

Anselm Kiefer * [+]
Zweistromland / Land of Two Rivers
installation, mixed media, 1985-1989

[…] Throughout his career Kiefer was a maker of books, one-of-a-kind works like medieval manuscripts. His most monumental expression of this interest is “The High Priestess/Zweistromland/Land of Two Rivers”.


This sculpture consists of two bookcases (labeled after the rivers Tigris and Euphrates) containing about two hundred lead books, all on a superhuman scale. Some of the books were blank; others contained such things as obscure photographs of clouds or dried peas. It was a many layered work dealing with the artifacts of knowledge. […] *

:don’t ask why, #because. ..


!awesome piece of art from d leading Sydney-based Malaysian artist, Simryn Gill. she is amazing and pretty popular out there in d art circles, have had expos all around like in d Tate Modern, London d most important galleries in New York, Washington, Germany, Australia. .. etc.


:this art work gives u d ability to think, it’s a tricky thinking process that puts inside everyone who is willing to try, to give few answers, so many different topics as many as papers inside 🙂

Simryn Gill often use objects, books, collections, photographs and text pieces for her works and she explores the artist’s pursuit of meaning through materials, forms and ways of working, such as collecting, reading, archiving, arranging, casting and photographing.

:she creates using interactive ways, connects with d audience, animates them somehow. ..u can google her if u want to learn more about her works, she is interesting, I want to mention..



?u think is engaging, u like d concept. .. u can leave ur comments below or on :d white b[l]og ::: #facebook page

:zen greeting::: Lee Ufan & ‘marking Infinity


!lets we ALL say "OM"mmm. .. to this stOnes ~ :)

@ Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum


.This stones .. no words can be butterfly in a front of this works. Master pieces, chef-d’œuvres of this times. D history of art have had changes like this in d decades and centuries ago, but this for sure is d change that fits my sense of understanding.



Periodically I was seeing things from this artist, d stones yes and in same moment I felt some deep meditative energy that surrounds me. Every time when I watch this pieces of grande art I have d feeling that this connection is stronger even that is virtual, there is no pure communication between me and d stones or d environment, d space. ..d energy that they produce acting one, titled “Marking Infinity”. I like d title, very symbolic name for d 40 year retrospective exhibition of artist Lee Ufan [b. 1936, South Korea]

stunning interventions with d stone like element that play with d gravity mostly everywhere in his works, gives them some role of levitation souls that travel around d space even that they are strongly situated in one single place in d gallery. He make his spiritual zone, marks his infinity of understanding d universe and his living in deeper sense.

:u can see the short video from this performance where sir Lee is putting d stone on this sensitive glass platform. if we mention d dialog that he use in deep sense in other works too he is celebrating in a way d confrontation between d inner personality [soul] with this glass bell reality.


#shortly artnet mention:

Titled “Marking Infinity,” the show inhabits the museum’s spiraling exhibition ramp, rotunda and two ancillary galleries with minimalist expanses of canvas and spare configurations of stone and steel. It’s a Zen Garden of matter, form and space.

:The artist-philosopher Lee Ufan from d early 60ties is marking one special way of expressing trough his art and since then he land in d art community as person pretty important for d modern art history. His deep intellectual combination of d visual, conceptual and theoretical brings his art pieces in a stadium that is comfortable for all d viewers. Meditation by itself.

” Since his early Mono-ha period, Lee has restricted his choice of sculptural materials to steel plates and stones, focusing on their precise conceptual and spatial juxtaposition. The steel plate—hard, heavy, solid—is made to build things in the modern world; the stone, in its natural as-is state, “belongs to an unknown world” beyond the self and outside modernity, evoking “the other” or “externality.”

Arranging the plates in precise relationships to the stones, Lee’s Relatum series (1968– ) presents a durational form of coexistence between the made and the not made, the material and the immaterial elements of our surroundings. The series title is a philosophical term denoting terms, objects, or events between which a relation exists. In Lee’s mind, the occasion of the site-specific work and the network of dynamics it triggers is more important than the object per se, and we the viewer enter the scene as an equal part of the whole.”

:Alexandra Munroe, Samsung Senior Curator,Asian Art [from guggenheim]


:besides this works with stones that I most prefer in this retrospective exhibition Sir Lee Ufan presents some paintings, some of them called dialogs at d @guggenheim:

:from line


!hope u like this post, if u have anything else to mention here I would be very happy if I see ur opinions.. for me this are not d only projects that I like from him, he really creates chef-d’œuvres. .. u can leave ur comments below or on :d white b[l]og ::: #facebook page

:Zen greeting::: Lee Ufan & ‘Marking Infinity


* * *

The scene: A stark room with a long overpriced meeting table in the center. Several video conference screens are in the front of the room.
The attendees: Bloomberg and other “concerned” 1%ers.


Bloomberg: I know you guys want them gone, we all want them gone.

1%er: Then get rid of them.

Bloomberg: That’s going to be hard, they have a lot of public support, their movement is picking up steam and more and more people are joining every day.

1%er: That’s not our problem. We pay you to deal with this crap.

Bloomberg: Yes I know but..

1%er: This should be obvious so my having to point it out to you means you’re going to be a couple million short for your next re-election campaign.

Bloomberg: Bu…

1%er: Shut up and fucking listen. People in the US are worried about jobs. We’re not worried about them but they are so thats what you use. Figure out some way to make these people look like employment terrorists or something. They are the Al-Qaeda boogeymen of jobs. Make the country hate them because they are going to take away their jobs.

Bloomberg: I’m not sure how I’d do that exactly…

A phone flies across the room in Bloomberg’s general direction. The 1%er who threw it immediately has a new one in his hands, replaced by one of several assistants.


Bloomberg: Fine.


The next morning on Bloomberg’s radio show…

Bloomberg: What they’re trying to do is take the jobs away from people working in this city! They’re trying to take away the tax base we have because none of this is good for tourism!