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.my posts are somehow connect today. I wrote early in d day on d other blog about acta, sopa, anonymous, freedom of internet, no censorship etc. .. this is what exactly was in my mind. enJoy, till is free & open. You may enter (for now).



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:VII #inspirational Steve Jobs quotes for #design.ers

I found this quotes & I think that are pretty interesting for my blog. as we all know Steve Jobs made a lot for d future of d smart technologies and we should all learn something from him, cause d standards that he create are far away more intelligent for d time that we live.


I was thinking to put the picture from Steve Jobs [here] but better for u if u go and see d whole article with opinion about d quotes from apple perspective. actually d source for this pictures!


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The scene: A stark room with a long overpriced meeting table in the center. Several video conference screens are in the front of the room.
The attendees: Bloomberg and other “concerned” 1%ers.


Bloomberg: I know you guys want them gone, we all want them gone.

1%er: Then get rid of them.

Bloomberg: That’s going to be hard, they have a lot of public support, their movement is picking up steam and more and more people are joining every day.

1%er: That’s not our problem. We pay you to deal with this crap.

Bloomberg: Yes I know but..

1%er: This should be obvious so my having to point it out to you means you’re going to be a couple million short for your next re-election campaign.

Bloomberg: Bu…

1%er: Shut up and fucking listen. People in the US are worried about jobs. We’re not worried about them but they are so thats what you use. Figure out some way to make these people look like employment terrorists or something. They are the Al-Qaeda boogeymen of jobs. Make the country hate them because they are going to take away their jobs.

Bloomberg: I’m not sure how I’d do that exactly…

A phone flies across the room in Bloomberg’s general direction. The 1%er who threw it immediately has a new one in his hands, replaced by one of several assistants.


Bloomberg: Fine.


The next morning on Bloomberg’s radio show…

Bloomberg: What they’re trying to do is take the jobs away from people working in this city! They’re trying to take away the tax base we have because none of this is good for tourism!


:I’m not so addictive.. [relaX]:

.people who use social platforms for work very often ask them self are they addicted to them. ..for me is bit silly if they ask them self that question, ’cause yes, it’s their work! Imagine if person who need to work 16 hours per day [yes, that’s not weird in d country where I came from] ask  to himself: am I addicted? – yes I’m addicted to my job. No, u’re not addicted either u want more money either ur boss is wrong and u should inform those who are responsible for this in ur country for this problem. For me it will be more simple if this is question for d outsider people, youngsters who have so much free time in their life and don’t study at all. ..but in my way they don’t even care for this, and ‘this’ is not a problem at all. anyway this can not be a question at all if u are regular person that some days sit bit more on net. 😀

I decide to share this after I found it shared on g+ from Kawasaki man and it’s originally posted with totally different content on ‘the 12 most. ..‘ from Newman..

in short: [10q GuyKawasaki & Daniel Newman]

12 Most Obvious Signs You’re Addicted to Social Media

    1. You Read, Comment, and Promote someones Blog about Nothing
    2. Hashtags in your email
    3. Check in on 4Sq…Everywhere you go!
    4. Following or Listing your Pet
    5. It’s “First” in the morning
    6. You update your Status
    7. You Share EVERYTHING
    8. Eaves become more important than Real Money
    9. Involve yourself in SM activities that don’t Involve you
    10. Dreaming in 140
    11. “Liking” your own content
    12. Klout becomes your Social Currency

[so, if u have something else to put on d list don’t hesitate urself, ..but more addictive then them both hell yea.. then write a blog post about it] – like me 😀

:if you answer to all of this with [yes I do] then go OUT make a walk & pls don’t tell us where ur dog is searching for friends!