.should I dream or u are dreaming?!


.when I saw this project from d great contemporary artist Miro I was stunned! .. now I saw picture from this project, first time in my stream, pretty tired to write a lot though but you know how it goes. some pieces of art can speak/ say more then thousand words this is this kind of art. respected truly!

Portrait of a Dancer (1928) by Joan Miró.


Miró’s piece was in the exhibit Joan Miró: Painting and Anti-Painting (1927-1937). From his own words regarding it, he said “I want to assassinate painting.”


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:beautiful monsters in psychedelic reality


Definition of SOLIPSISM

: a theory holding that the self can know nothing but its own modifications and that the self is the only existent thing; also : extreme egocentrism

Chuck Wendig‘s blog:
“Nobody sees themselves as a villain. We’re all solipsistic. We’re all the heroes of our own tales. Even villains.”

:I think this video is mind blowing. as today is HOLI huge holiday in India celebrated with a lot of colors also as d woman’s day *8th of March) also colorful, spectral ceremony that makes them feel as one with mans, this video points at being one with d nature. one organic, explosive pure connection with d inner structure, with d atoms that we build together.. contemporary sustainability , what a great art is this!. btw I think I haven’t post for a while video here and this is great opportunity for u to enjoy this master piece directed by by Andrew Thomas Huang.

SOLIPSIST is a three part psychedelic fantasy short film about otherworldly beings whose minds and bodies converge into one entity. Filled with elaborate costumes, stunning visual effects, and underwater puppets, the film is a non-narrative purely visual/audio experience designed to transport viewers through a hypnotic, dream-like experience. It consists of three parts, each featuring visually fantastic characters and creatures that converge with each other in surreal ways. The film concludes by featuring all three segments combine into a colorful, psychedelic finale.


are we all colorful dust, molecules of feelings, u decide..


:u think is amazing? .. after this video I think that finally there is result that shows to Us that there will be good future in d contemporary art. this signature is just d way in which I hope that d arts will evolve. the philosophy, idea, level of wisdom, energy, interaction, theatrical challenge, all elements that are involved. if I just start to analyze them one by one I’ll already make some structure of d future of arts with this powerful expression. let’s get PSYchedelic. ..u can leave ur comments below or on :d white b[l]og ::: #facebook page

:happy b.day Sir Pollock, Jackson Pollock




:yesterday already in my part of d world but only in a minutes [28 of January] was d 100th birthday of d one of d most famous painters in d history of arts, one of d inventors, that leads d Abstract Expressionism style in contemporary arts. I had d pleasure to enjoy his works around d big galleries and is not possible to skip this birthday. in my world he left big traces, in d way how I understand d art when I write about also as when I’m in my atelier working on my new works.


Morteza Nikoubazl / Reuters

A Tehran Art University student looks at a painting by 20th century U.S. artist Jackson Pollock at Tehran’s Museum of Contemporary Art on June 19, 2010. Artists like Monet, Picasso and Warhol were considered revolutionary in their day, but their works were not much appreciated by the leaders of Iran’s Islamic revolution and many were kept out of view for decades. Now, one of the greatest collections of contemporary Western art — put together under a Western-leaning monarchy in pre-revolutionary Iran — is open to the public, with some works on display for the first time in more than 30 years.


:fast painting, with a lot of emotions, moves. .. deep expressions, war between d blue and d red. I don’t know maybe more then 10 times I enjoy his works in Pompidou Museum in France. I use to go there and enjoy d docs where is recorded Pollock and his process of creating, lots of conversations how he connect almost all o d elements that surround him  with expressing trough d brush with one single move. standing n a frond of his huge paintings it’s fantasy, maybe d best part of my life till now. He is considered a revolutionary painter and well known for his ‘drip’ paintings, that involved pouring paint onto large raw canvases on the floor. Pollock currently holds the title for the world’s most expensive painting ever sold, when David Geffen sold his “No.5, 1948” for $140 million through Sotheby’s in 2006.


An undated handout photograph shows Jackson Pollock’s “Blue Poles, Number 11, 1952” in the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra which was purchased a quarter of century ago for A$1.3 million ($975,000) and is now estimated to be worth A$115 million ($86.25 million).


In between u see pictures from his life, there will be in future more posts for his master works cause as I mention he is one of my influences not directly but with d philosophy and d messages that he shared. .. connect with nature,respect diversity and much more are pretty motivating for me. :HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pollock, Jackson Pollock!



.this is that great artist, master of d moderna, expressionist?!. .. more then that. if u haven’t made a research for Him till now go and read for His life, u’ll be impressed for sure. in meanwhile u like d things that u saw here? . .. u can leave ur comments below or on :d white b[l]og ::: #facebook page

:dinner time [human.grill] ‘Blu

We all know about Blu, right? Very famous graffiti artist that change d understanding of d street art in general. Till now we use to see d graffiti only as two dimensional urban expression, even if there are 3D graffs that open even some more spherical multidimensional sense of d humanity adapted on d walls around d globe. Blu shows Us how with d help of stop motion movie recording [MUTO] this art can grow soul inside d work and give him a concept to live, to left urban signature in this contemporary era of leaving.

Firestarter. Blu


I show in this blog, post about some similar style of drawing that is perfect layer, basic for one music track, u can see d video here [let Go!] and Blu in meanwhile gives Us some new traces that field put light on this blog as place where we care for d urban, street style of expression, work, showing message via one of d post contemporary way of communication with d art itself.

:human_grill (parrilla)


:тhe BA [buenos aires] Street Art says:

Blu is in Buenos Aires and has just finished painting another politically charged mural. It features six figures being roasted on a grill by the flames from a huge pile of burning bank notes. Argentines love to have barbecues (asados) and it looks like Blu has chosen a similar theme for his latest critique.

:on juxtapoz magazine for d new mural we read:

The good people of Buenos Aires Street Art just posted another mural by Italian artist, Blu, the second the artist has completed in the Argentinian city over the past month. As they report, the mural features “six figures being roasted on a grill by the flames from a huge pile of burning bank notes.” BA Street Art also mentions that Argentinians “love to have barbecues (asados) and it looks like Blu has chosen a similar theme for his latest critique.”

:Going up in flames

Considering Blu has traveled the world in 2011 with so many great, and politically charged murals, this seems like a great way to close out the year. Although, knowing Blu, he may have one or two more in him. His recent mural in Athens remains one of our favorite public art works of the year.

:Six men none the richer

:Loadsamoney. x1oo pesos notes

This is d work that catch my attention one month ago or something and I haven’t share it on my blogs till now, maybe I just shootout d picture on twitter 🙂


:blu _ribbon event

:blind loyalty?


[all of the pictures as it writes on them are shared form BA street art]
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‘cobra_d way of dancing with colors

Today, my friend from twitter & facebook Andrew Crane share this amazing video work where we have d opportunity to see this great artist, amsterdamishen Karel Appel in d moment of work/ pleasure/ new experience. .. I have a lot of other places from where I can share only d video or just d link, without opinion but this technique and style of painting I really want to mention here in this blog.

I have had experiences like this also and I really hope in future to have d ability of traveling inside me again and doin’ this wonderful yoga with d canvas. someones thinks that this is fight, expression of negative feelings some are thinking d opposite, making love with that what’s ur spirit, wind that guides u trough d process of creating. well, it costs a lot of money, especially if u want to do that with oil colors and still we need to become directors or curators in some galleries first  😉

.What a miss that I didn’t know about this video till now, I really like this „cobra“ style of expression. .. and d tea moment on d end of the video, priceless*. He use to say “If I paint like a barbarian, it’s because we live in a barbarous age” about his technique of bringing those hidden feelings out of his soul.

from wikipedia we read: Christiaan Karel Appel (25 April 1921 – 3 May 2006) was a Dutch painter, sculptor, and poet. He started painting at the age of fourteen and studied at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam in the 1940s. He was one of the founders of the avant-garde movement Cobra in 1948.

The Wild Firemen 1947

..more extraordinary were his associations with people from totally different artistic genres. In the 1980s and 90s he produced intriguing combinations of painting and visual poetry with Allen Ginsberg, while in 1987 he worked with the Japanese choreographer Min Tanaka on Can we Dance a Landscape? at the Opéra Comique in Paris – a performance set against a background of bright landscapes, feline faces and spotted cows on wheels. The reviews were mixed.

Helen A. Harrison for d The New York Times in 1981, said that Cobra’s major achievement “was in fostering an amalgam of aspects of the major trends in contemporary artistic thinking” with “the dark, mystical Northern sensibility that gives their work its peculiar character, so appropriate to postwar Europe.
She also added: “In short, they seem to have been able to express both optimism and anxiety at the same time.”



It’s a video from d early 6o’s [’62] where d artist/ painter show his childish way of communication with canvas & d colors. Every second he is deeper in his inner personality and from that dialog he write trough d spectra of fast, naive moves amazing moments, pictures that create inside u unique feeling.


Very important artist in d plead of contemporary history of art, that left behind a lot of works that are pretty respected from d art community and mostly if u’re interested u can see them in d most important museums & galleries around d world. Besides this stunning paintings in his collection of works we can find sculptures, drawings, litho & prints.

As we mention he was poet/ thinker also, so for d end of this first post on my blog for this great artist I’ll share few of d quotes that I found googling about him:

– (artists are people) who employ matter between birth and death. Matter is something to use, not possess.

– Every day I have to be awake to escape… …The whole world is sleepy. It is a real fight to be awake, to see everything new, for the first time in your life.

– I’m not a pessimist. Maybe I don’t have a primitive feeling of happiness, that is true. Sometimes my color is happy but not the expression.