.sign(s) on ur way

.scott hocking is good guy (probably).. but after I saw one selection of bad graffiti recorded all around this was surprisingly good for me.

since once I saw d 3th eye on a church wall in west Bulgaria I become interested in searching for signs on strange places.

:exactly what Scott is doing with his great selection, but here for u I’ll transfer only part of them, those that are interesting and have sense for me.. enjoy and keep follow d signs.

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.mountains – mural on d wall

*I know I know… this is art blog and d last 2 posts are not about art, but what can I do… they were in front of my eyes in d moment when I decide to update my blog. OK, let’s start!

We haven’t have graffiti post for a while and this is amazing opportunity to share this arty urban art project so called ”shanshuihua” that is actually new artwork on d wall in Foshan city, China. U like it? It’s combination of abstract art, expressionism and good technique of painting graff shadows ~ Hua Tunan is great! Mural full of mountains! amazing – indeed!


.hyuro – street art #illustrator ::: masta!



:This are also pictures, collection that I collect few months already. I decide that today is d day when I’m gonna share hyuro works. he is really master on d streets, he made street art wider then before. Now we can see even more often then before illustrations on d streets. Based in Spain we can see his masterpieces online cause yes, he is sharing mostly everything what is new from him.

I’ll not write a lot about, just enjoy his work:


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:dinner time [human.grill] ‘Blu

We all know about Blu, right? Very famous graffiti artist that change d understanding of d street art in general. Till now we use to see d graffiti only as two dimensional urban expression, even if there are 3D graffs that open even some more spherical multidimensional sense of d humanity adapted on d walls around d globe. Blu shows Us how with d help of stop motion movie recording [MUTO] this art can grow soul inside d work and give him a concept to live, to left urban signature in this contemporary era of leaving.

Firestarter. Blu


I show in this blog, post about some similar style of drawing that is perfect layer, basic for one music track, u can see d video here [let Go!] and Blu in meanwhile gives Us some new traces that field put light on this blog as place where we care for d urban, street style of expression, work, showing message via one of d post contemporary way of communication with d art itself.

:human_grill (parrilla)


:тhe BA [buenos aires] Street Art says:

Blu is in Buenos Aires and has just finished painting another politically charged mural. It features six figures being roasted on a grill by the flames from a huge pile of burning bank notes. Argentines love to have barbecues (asados) and it looks like Blu has chosen a similar theme for his latest critique.

:on juxtapoz magazine for d new mural we read:

The good people of Buenos Aires Street Art just posted another mural by Italian artist, Blu, the second the artist has completed in the Argentinian city over the past month. As they report, the mural features “six figures being roasted on a grill by the flames from a huge pile of burning bank notes.” BA Street Art also mentions that Argentinians “love to have barbecues (asados) and it looks like Blu has chosen a similar theme for his latest critique.”

:Going up in flames

Considering Blu has traveled the world in 2011 with so many great, and politically charged murals, this seems like a great way to close out the year. Although, knowing Blu, he may have one or two more in him. His recent mural in Athens remains one of our favorite public art works of the year.

:Six men none the richer

:Loadsamoney. x1oo pesos notes

This is d work that catch my attention one month ago or something and I haven’t share it on my blogs till now, maybe I just shootout d picture on twitter 🙂


:blu _ribbon event

:blind loyalty?


[all of the pictures as it writes on them are shared form BA street art]
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:Supakitch & Koralie vol.II

“Euphorie” Paris

Slowly but surely I fell in love in d work of this two amazing artists. Recently, few weeks ago I watch their first video [or first only for me] and their style just grab me. They are painting so called back2back murals and id d both of d videos d boy present d dark side and d girl d light one. I’m not sure if is it like this in real, but I really perceive their work as this. 🙂

they use stencils, markers, stickers, air-brush, sprays, acrylic colors. ..in general most of d materials that pretty good fit on walls and hard paper materials. In this video I could see that they are using d same markers for d stickers and also for d finest details on d end on d mural.

Technique and style that brings d sea waves in colorful almost rainbow way, either colorful sky diving. They also use typical contemporary characters and some traditional that u can find mostly in d street art but the combination and d centralized expression that is actually d transfer between d male and d female energy or expression are just things that make their work signed with d most unique modern way of sharing art.