.let’s do IT #organic

.hey people, ça va? how are u? ready to end up with this year, to finish ur stuff and tun new page? are u prepare for party or u’ll celebrate it peaceful this time?


:I didn’t have a lot of time to write things here, but even like this I used to receive some mails from wordpress that my blog is booming and gets a lot of traffic. sooo, well, yes, today I decide to refresh it a bit, since is weekend and I didn’t went out. how do u like it? d side bar and d part on d bottom are new, before I use some online service for free image links but after a while they were gone. probably they clean d base or smt. never mind! 😀

let’s see what we have today?

p2– earlier today I wrote an article for my web site for this artist and I start thinking that this is not just daily art that will go back to nowhere. .. u know, great art nowadays is just some content that we eat daily. but, this, this is a #lifetime #project. yes, definitely it is!

:this awesome man, Ra Paulette from New Mexico, decide to create sculptures inside caves. He spent over 10 years in creating about 14 magical caves, full with different lights and ambient, different forms and structures. it’s not a little thing to spend a decade excavating tunnels and passageways, digging, creating intricate patterns and carving designs and benches in the sandstone cliffs in northern New Mexico.

– great concept and pure motivation, this is d moment when being cavedigger it’s not only perceive as physical work but with d soul of d art. this is magnum opus, this is d best from his work!

ra-paulette-cave-carving-13each cathedral-like room takes him years to complete and is a masterwork that was created without the use of machines, еach room has its own unique design with patterns that were carved by hand. smooth carved walls, natural light from mountainside windows and sensual, sweeping lines.

do u like this idea? what about making ur personal imaginarium, cave of ur dreams that will be somewhere near ur house. no tools, no machines, only u and ur will of making someting amazing. will u or u just want to reblog this post on ur “white space”? anyway . .. u can leave ur comments below or on :d white b[l]og ::: #facebook page

:thanks for being here, catch u up later! 🙂

.let me grow u a garden


.nice green huge pillow in my eyes in d moment o.O .keep it ecoLogical & organic! 😉

2008 – Artwork by Mona HATOUM: “Hanging garden” – [photo M. Hatoum]



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:TV Garden Then & Now

Nam June Paik, TV Garden, 1974 (2000 version). Video installation with color television sets and live plants.

TV Garden, one of his seminal installations, illustrates Paik’s profound grasp of technology’s capacity for composition and the new aesthetic discourse that he helped to create. To enter the piece is to experience an uncanny fusion of the natural and the scientific, as hidden amid an undergrowth of live plants are video monitors of various sizes. All are playing the artist’s 1973 collaboration with John J. Godfrey, Global Groove, which montages performers from around the world into a gyrating visual mix, and the videotape’s sound track serves as musical and spoken counterpoint to the monitors’ flickers of light. TV Garden set a new standard for immersive, site-specific video installations.

Description /

<TV Garden>(1974/2008) is one of the most important works of Nam Jun Paik, creating life beats from primordial force of tropical forest in tune with rhythm of video fantasy. The <Global Groove> on TV monitors shows the power of music and dance with imaginative video image. Firstly conceived in his private exhibition of Bonino Gallery in New York in 1974, it made its appearance as a title of <TV Ocean> due to the lack of money to buy plants at that time. Later, its variations were made according to the environment of exhibition including Aberson Gallery in New York, Contemporary Museum in Chicago, Pompidou Center in Paris, Whitney Museum in New York, Metro Hall in Tokyo, Litan Museum etc.

<TV Garden> in NJP Art Center is surrounded by small corridors to look around with a short-ranged view, and it also has a characteristic to make the audience take an outlook of the entire forest from the upper side. Installed as part of Now Jump, the opening festival of NJP Art Center, it was built up by Young Cheol Lee, the artistic director of NJP Art Center and Sang Su Ahn, landscape architect, with the advice of Keigo Yamamoto, Japanese video artist, during a week starting from the 2nd of October in 2008.



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.sticky philosophy


..and d regular conclusion that we confirm daily: I’m nobody! .. but also very often supported by d question who are u, if u are in conversation. are we finally reaching some new stage, changes that we all waiting for?. .. or maybe is just d question in this moment that pass trough my mind, there are thousands more in my head, in ur head. enjoy this sticky philosophy 😀

 (I’m nobody! Who are you?) (1994-2003) by Roni Horn.



.I like this stick installation, empty gallery, minimalistic clear and  pure air and crystal message. .. u can leave ur comments below or on :d white b[l]og ::: #facebook page

.my house and waterfall


:I haven’t post here till now anything connect with architecture even that I’m impressed by d trending architectural solutions that d modern architects share with d society. I like and prefer mostly d architecture that have had already inside all d ecoLogical solutions that d knowledge offers to Us. I like sustainable architecture, organic, connect to d basic need of all d human beings etc.. mymodernet shares this waterfall hotel few months ago but I just love d idea and I think that I would love to have it here first in my blog and if God gives implement in my house also.. enjoy this beautiful structure. 😉



Montaña Mágica Lodge, also known as Magic Mountain Lodge, is a beautifully constructed hotel on the privately owned natural reserve of Huilo Huilo in Chile.

It offers a mystical getaway on natural grounds. You don’t have to be a hobbit to enjoy the comforts and beauty of nature! The lodge, which is built to look like a volcano, spouts a refreshing waterfall in place of actual lava. If you’re interested in seeing a real volcano, Chile’s Arenal Volcano can be viewed right from the hotel. The Magic Mountain Lodge is a hotel like no other, providing its guests with a remarkable experience and breathtaking atmosphere. The vacation spot offers countless, unique amenities including hot tubs made out of giant tree trunks, large windows that overlook Chile’s majestic rainforest, and a monkey bridge, which is the only way to enter.

[from mymodernnet]


:if u click their link u’ll find few more pics from this architectural miracle, for me is just enough for now cause I start thinking that I want to create a post with most of d houses that I like and I found in my stream in d last years. maybe this will happen soon since I have already start sharing ‘architecture’ as category on my blog. .. u can leave ur comments below or on :d white b[l]og ::: #facebook page