.let’s do IT #organic

.hey people, ça va? how are u? ready to end up with this year, to finish ur stuff and tun new page? are u prepare for party or u’ll celebrate it peaceful this time?


:I didn’t have a lot of time to write things here, but even like this I used to receive some mails from wordpress that my blog is booming and gets a lot of traffic. sooo, well, yes, today I decide to refresh it a bit, since is weekend and I didn’t went out. how do u like it? d side bar and d part on d bottom are new, before I use some online service for free image links but after a while they were gone. probably they clean d base or smt. never mind! 😀

let’s see what we have today?

p2– earlier today I wrote an article for my web site for this artist and I start thinking that this is not just daily art that will go back to nowhere. .. u know, great art nowadays is just some content that we eat daily. but, this, this is a #lifetime #project. yes, definitely it is!

:this awesome man, Ra Paulette from New Mexico, decide to create sculptures inside caves. He spent over 10 years in creating about 14 magical caves, full with different lights and ambient, different forms and structures. it’s not a little thing to spend a decade excavating tunnels and passageways, digging, creating intricate patterns and carving designs and benches in the sandstone cliffs in northern New Mexico.

– great concept and pure motivation, this is d moment when being cavedigger it’s not only perceive as physical work but with d soul of d art. this is magnum opus, this is d best from his work!

ra-paulette-cave-carving-13each cathedral-like room takes him years to complete and is a masterwork that was created without the use of machines, еach room has its own unique design with patterns that were carved by hand. smooth carved walls, natural light from mountainside windows and sensual, sweeping lines.

do u like this idea? what about making ur personal imaginarium, cave of ur dreams that will be somewhere near ur house. no tools, no machines, only u and ur will of making someting amazing. will u or u just want to reblog this post on ur “white space”? anyway . .. u can leave ur comments below or on :d white b[l]og ::: #facebook page

:thanks for being here, catch u up later! 🙂

:natural fringe

.so we made a good start this year, maybe bit later but u know d story that never can be to late to start smthing. i’ll add here now one huge, megalomaniac in a way form in which i want to develop mu future art projects.

this art piece is breathtaking. only for projects like this i decide to open this blog. i think this is d right place for this huge installation.

:d installation work of designers Tokujin Yoshioka and Numen for use explores the alluring grey area between art and design. u can read more about d project HERE.


:cactus as protector [poke:ekop]


.lot of u think maybe that d cactus as plant is dangerous and cold but maybe some of u accept it as structure that keeps d energy calm and strong. ..and that sounds protective. I like to see d cactus as plant that is used to live alone, one of d things that we need to face as human beings ASAP, like form that don’t need to ask a lot, to be in balance with d nature with almost no needs.is that d true that pokes Us from all d sides?

:if u see d cactus as art form it will give u some of this points, there are others also, here in this collection, in this two projects I want to make parallel between d horizontal and d vertical lines that we build in Us around Us as human beings, do we act protective, do we have attitude to attack if we are touched (literally) etc..

d first project is from Martin Creed who is pretty popular nowadays, daily we see most of his projects in d stream. he presents d scale of protection in my way, or maybe d growing process of d coldness between d people. u decide! pretty contemporary work, attractive as well. deep concept, more then yes for sure 🙂



.the second piece Growth (2006) by Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla is interesting as well. a lot of people graft grapes today, this artist decide to make d horizontal line in d society more .. u say 😉

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:elephant day ~


:I know that a lot of Us celebrate today St. Valentines day,  share presents, fell in love etc, here in my country we celebrate as well st. Trifun that is like God of wine. we celebrated it with cutting and grafting d grapes plants early in d mornin’ then start with drinking, for me is still early for drinking but I’ll start later in d day with some beer or red wine. ..maybe I’ll fell in love, who knows 😉

.I was attracted by this sculpture cause is fake and thanks God that is like that because if it was real elephant I was goin’ to be sad about that. I hate animal abuse, especially if on d top of it is in use for art piece. the thing is that here is not real animal, but very good forms and positions in which d elephant as object is putted into. and d smile that they always have and d optimism that they share while u watch them.

The skin speaks a language not on its own by Bharti Kher is d project that follows, enjoy there are few many posts yet to come, it will be busy day. 🙂



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