shortly #contemporary

:money make u feel stone:D
.White Horse Dream _by Peter Regli

:Time and Relative Dimensions in Space _by Mark Wallinger

:Michel Verjux, Vanité (grand verre sur table basse), 2011
Courtesy Galerie Jean Brolly, © Michel Verjux

:Sitting Wheel _by Helmut Palla

:Sitting Wheel _by Helmut Palla

:Tejal Shah [in collaboration with Varsha Nair] 'Encounter(s) VI' 2006

:Eva Rothschild, Diamond Day, 2003 [powder coated steel]

:different Perspectives _by Olaf Breuning

Black and White: April 1956 _by Patrick Heron
In my end is my beginning (T. S. Eliot, The Four Quartets)

:Labyrinth _by Motoi Yamamoto

.Yamamoto has been using salt in his sculptures, paintings & installations for 15 years after he experienced loss and grief.

Salt is a symbol of life and wealth, but also a material used in several traditional rituals in Japan, with a meaning of purification.

?is it time for fo.Od:ball _nipple art by Nicola Costantino

:тrue value _by :davis ellis @ joshua lineer gallery, NYC
 #video #installation - check [here]

:тrue value


:slide to unlock' _d day ::: multi-touch finger paintings by Evan Roth

.Sunrise by Nobuhiro Nakanishi

Layer Drawing/ landscape
steel, laser graphic print on film
100 x 100 x 1500 cm(50 sheets), 2007

:kitty kraus ::: Untitled_2006, glass [171 × 68 × 0,5 cm]
#art #artist #contemporary art #minimalism

:Möbius Ship _Tim Hawkinson

.Enlightenment, [2008] :Pravdoliub Ivanov

_Wall intervention, acrylic paint, installation view from ARC Projects, Sofia

:Helmut Smits
 Title: Bookend |:| Year: 2006

.By placing a big book under one side of a bookcase you don’t need bookends anymore.

:by _Cornelia Parker & Tilda Swinton, The Maybe, 1995

.installation @ d Serpentine Gallery, London

:by Urs Fischer. [part of #art installation]

.On d Water :by Anthony Gerace ::: innovative #collage _ #vintage art.2o1o

:unfolded #architecture _by Pablo Rasgado.

:Permian Gate _by Nikolay Polissky

_chairs can do d #acrobalance to.O

:by Koenraad Dedobbeleer
@ Micheline Szwajcer Gallery

.Marcel Broodthaers_White Cabinet and White Table' 1965

:Donald Judd _Untitled [Six boxes]

.Nam June Paik _ TV Buddha (1974)

:Closed Circuit #video-installation with bronze #sculpture

:Navid Azimi Sajadi [black star maybe?!]

:2 books _Sara MacKillop

:Ziehen [Pull] _Valentin Ruhry

:Wall _Subodh Gupta, оо9 _127 Gate Studios

.”balançoire” _ dorota buczkowska

:Lee Ufan 'Relatum _silence b'

#Wrapped Modern Art Book #1978 #Sculpture #. :by ©Christo

:Stelarc: [evoluti.on]

#Body art #Performance #Technology #Intelligence

 :Tree branches in jars _by Naoko Ito.

:when sir Alfred Hitchcock meets d Angry Birds!
 _Them Birds :by Dan Eijah Fajardo & Pedro Kramer

:Cramp by Stéphane Vigny.

.David DiMichele @ d KOPEIKIN GALLERY, 2006

:giant pencils _by Jonna Pohjalainen

.'тree, line' #phoтography of carefully wrapped тrees _by Zander Olsen

:hanging #wall in Hemlock Tree by Letha Wilson.

:Brakay' _by Brad Downey & Akay @ d Fame Festival Grottagli, Italy ~

:#joseph kosuth [reading glass]

:Claire Fontaine .founded in Paris, 2oo4 _burned #installation

:maurizio anzeri_[11:11]

:wolfgang laib pours ::: 30,000 Piles of Rice:

:u need help?
 _uni.cycle & stabilisers :by Daniel Eatock

:something missing _by jennifer grimyser [oil paint markers on wall]

.тired sтop _by Diango Hernández

:by cameron irving [broken] 'sky

.food time - :: #installation _by Robert Therrien

:13 Chair Puzzle _byjoshua callaghan

:chair by _Myeongbeom Kim

night' friends ~ #illustration by Gabriella Barouch

'a world in d UNIverse'
 ps CS5 ::: 200 layers by hangloose in PeterDesign

:Leт's sk8 some тennis?! :D

.Frank Kunerт ::: тennis half-pipe
‘small worlds’ is a series of saтiric models:

.now we see!

:Photographed by Gui Paganini & styled by Paulo Martinez

.[eye#!?]_Marcel Marien:L'Introuvable 1937

:Carsten Höller 1[6]

:something great :: by. Ian Stevenson

'blurred' _by Kay Rosen

.is it clean in ur place? (not d real name though;)_by Michael DeLucia

:Chicako Ibaraki

'the doors' of perception [reNamed]
 _Subodh Gupta, There is always cinema (IV), 2008

.Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison
 :Guardian from the series Architect’s Brother [Photogravure.2004]

Untitled [Man in bed, Small doors] :by Peter Land

.дождот денес реши да ги наполни нашите канализации. чадорите на вакви силни врнежи се осеќаат непотребно, маленкоста ја дишат затворени во нивната основа.

.don't know d author, but still..

:Peter Kennard War Boutique _‘shooting@earth’ = Black Rat Projects.

.by littlewhitehead [beat you up visually] ::: sentient orbs

.во павилјонот на приказните имаше облаци во кои растеа бои. поврзани меѓу себе навидум близнаци низ памучните сеќавања трансферираа спокој кој полека се проектираше врз платното на овој живот.

_Fragment of a Cloud: ::Luis Camnitzer, 1967 [Daros Latinamerica Foundation]

:soul wings _urban #installation MMXI @kihuPotru

:not sure exactly if it's Seonna Hong @ LeBasse

:flowers are ugly; flowers are beautiful;
 .by Melanie Bonajo

:Amy Yao
[this are some chairs that I didn't find d title, so lets think about, a?]

.should I write d name, cause it's a very low budget art, really!

:wall shelves supported by d Objects they bear' _by Daniel Eatock

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  3. Loved all of these, but especially ‘tree branches in jars’ and ‘hemlock tree’; also ‘chair’ which seems to be growing out of what it’s made from … =D

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