:all my bad тhoughтs

Do you feel sometimes sad or in a bad mood? I just publish status update: happy life? – hell yea, only if u’re stupid! .. and I really mean it!

A lot of people nowadays are running all over to fix their agenda, to pay their bills, to collect money for holiday etc.. is this happiness? Is this all about? I think before people were more aware about what life is then now. Now is only consumerism even with d contemporary art. How many times u saw in d last year how one project that becomes popular is copied by some other “conceptual artist”? That’s why we need to select and think about d art pieces before we publish or reshare them. It’s much more difficult to be sad nowadays..

Kristof Kintera – All My Bad Thoughts (2009)

:тime for mornin’ push-ups

.A Czech artist has re-modeled a traditional London double-decker bus into a mechanical sculpture of an athlete doing push-ups to celebrate the Olympic Games opening in the British capital on Friday.

David Cerny, whose past works have enraged European politicians and sought to poke fun at rival artists, has installed the bus outside the Czech Olympic House in London’s Islington neighborhood. Cerny bought the 1957 bus from an owner in the Netherlands, attached two huge arms, an electrical engine and a lot of wiring and suspension tools to make it into a piece of art named “London Boosted”.

The mechanisms inside make the 6-tonne bus move up and down on bright red arms, raising the chassis into various angles, accompanied by recordings of a groaning voice and video projections in the windows.

“There is one common exercise for every sportsman in the world, and that is push-ups,”

Cerny said:

“It is training for sport activities but at the same time it is also punishment in armies and prisons. So the push-ups are a very universal physical activity…It is in a way very ironic.”

In 2009, Cerny revealed a huge puzzle-like object, called “Entropa”, in an EU building in Brussels that pictured European countries in unflattering ways, making a dramatic start to the Czech Republic’s EU presidency. Bulgaria protested for being shown as a squat toilet, Germany was a Swastika-like web of highways, including moving cars, France was covered by an “On Strike” banner and Britain was missing altogether.

In the Czech Republic, he once painted pink a Soviet tank, which was serving as a monument of the 1945 liberation of Prague. His “Shark”, was a statue of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein floating in formaldehyde. It was meant to poke fun at British artist Damien Hirst’s embalmed shark, and was banned from exhibitions in Belgium and Poland.

Cerny once also put up large replicas of guns and posters in London back in the 1990s, calling on people to observe a “Day of Killing” to control population growth, as part of an art fair. In that context, the London bus seems uncontroversial.

“We will see how long the athlete can work out for”, Cerny said. “Let’s hope he will exercise for the full three weeks. He will be the biggest sportsman there.”

:London double – decker bus rigged with giant arms тo do push – ups. [smile]

:designed by Czech artist David Černý

Li Si (208 BC), Prime Minister during the Qin dynasty, was executed by the Five Pains method which he had devised.

James Heselden (1948–2010), having recently purchased the Segway production company, died in a single-vehicle Segway accident. (He drove off a cliff)

Thomas Midgley, Jr. (1889–1944) was an American engineer and chemist who contracted polio at age 51, leaving him severely disabled. He devised an elaborate system of strings and pulleys to help others lift him from bed. This system was the eventual cause of his death when he was accidentally entangled in the ropes of this device and died of strangulation at the age of 55.

Wan Hu, a sixteenth-century Chinese official, is said to have attempted to launch himself into outer space in a chair to which 47 rockets were attached. The rockets exploded and, it is said, neither he nor the chair was ever seen again.

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.anythin’ lost?!



:Todd McLellan is doin some play that he calls art and it really is. to destroy one object and combine the elements in perfect chilly way is just awesome. check it out! .. I have it with months in my pc though..


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:shortly, in a lot of colors ..


.. I saw this in my stream yesterday but I was thinking is too commercial, to much fancy for my eyes, but today I saw it one more time and I read d story. I think is good piece of art..

This beautiful work is composed of more than 2,500 letters and characters from different languages from around the world. The colorful writing is illuminated from behind, and walking into this room is a bit like walking into an abstracted conversation in which you’re hearing bits and pieces of the entire planetary population talking at once.  This piece, by Noriko Shiozawa (塩澤徳子), is called “Koto-no-ha” (こと‐の‐は), which is an older Japanese word for “language.”  Shiozawa-san was kind enough to give her permission to allow the photograph above to be used as the cover for the UNESCO Jakarta Annual Report 2008.



..u like it, u think it looks like d Eastern matrix, Pandora box. with this photography it’s like u’re part of it, with one feet inside. . .. u can leave ur comments below or on :d white b[l]og ::: #facebook page

:happy b.day Sir Pollock, Jackson Pollock




:yesterday already in my part of d world but only in a minutes [28 of January] was d 100th birthday of d one of d most famous painters in d history of arts, one of d inventors, that leads d Abstract Expressionism style in contemporary arts. I had d pleasure to enjoy his works around d big galleries and is not possible to skip this birthday. in my world he left big traces, in d way how I understand d art when I write about also as when I’m in my atelier working on my new works.


Morteza Nikoubazl / Reuters

A Tehran Art University student looks at a painting by 20th century U.S. artist Jackson Pollock at Tehran’s Museum of Contemporary Art on June 19, 2010. Artists like Monet, Picasso and Warhol were considered revolutionary in their day, but their works were not much appreciated by the leaders of Iran’s Islamic revolution and many were kept out of view for decades. Now, one of the greatest collections of contemporary Western art — put together under a Western-leaning monarchy in pre-revolutionary Iran — is open to the public, with some works on display for the first time in more than 30 years.


:fast painting, with a lot of emotions, moves. .. deep expressions, war between d blue and d red. I don’t know maybe more then 10 times I enjoy his works in Pompidou Museum in France. I use to go there and enjoy d docs where is recorded Pollock and his process of creating, lots of conversations how he connect almost all o d elements that surround him  with expressing trough d brush with one single move. standing n a frond of his huge paintings it’s fantasy, maybe d best part of my life till now. He is considered a revolutionary painter and well known for his ‘drip’ paintings, that involved pouring paint onto large raw canvases on the floor. Pollock currently holds the title for the world’s most expensive painting ever sold, when David Geffen sold his “No.5, 1948” for $140 million through Sotheby’s in 2006.


An undated handout photograph shows Jackson Pollock’s “Blue Poles, Number 11, 1952” in the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra which was purchased a quarter of century ago for A$1.3 million ($975,000) and is now estimated to be worth A$115 million ($86.25 million).


In between u see pictures from his life, there will be in future more posts for his master works cause as I mention he is one of my influences not directly but with d philosophy and d messages that he shared. .. connect with nature,respect diversity and much more are pretty motivating for me. :HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pollock, Jackson Pollock!



.this is that great artist, master of d moderna, expressionist?!. .. more then that. if u haven’t made a research for Him till now go and read for His life, u’ll be impressed for sure. in meanwhile u like d things that u saw here? . .. u can leave ur comments below or on :d white b[l]og ::: #facebook page