.gif me ur camera

.hi there,
happy new year and merry christmas or should I say happy new fear and merry crisis. whateva’ bout of them are old like ages, centuries, but this .gif rocks! 😀


.probably u remember that d story with d city camera that is like d eye of d beholder, or d Big Brother eye of everything is idea that firstly was used in d contemporary, street art by #banksy and if u try to search around this blog maybe u’ll find some of those versions. this one is interesting for me because is like ballet, “wall ballet“ – is this new term (?!) or… never mind. they look at each other, do some movements around d wall, u see me, I don’t see u, I see u and u look up in d air, I see u, then u look down in d ground. no problem (ok, I am tripping, but I really try to get back to this blog). there is some really strong connection, that is technological dance people, there is drama, like 2 people behind d cameras are trying to see what d other is doing while he is not watching his personal skin or smt – it’s up to u if u want to see it or not.


:well, I can write more, but I hate when I find great stuff without author names and I dont have category for .gif art, so I will stop now. do u like it? :u can leave ur comments below or on :d white b[l]og ::: #facebook page

:early morning indeed & some space


I’ll not write a lot about this contemporary art piece. .. I decide to share more pics from this project but is good to mention that we’ll see works from  Gerda Scheepers at Kunstverein Nuernberg.

I couldn’t find a lot about her on her portfolio site but voila, enjoy this project 😉



.late night post here, 05:22 a.m. I start this Sunday in 3 a.m. so I’m almost like back from jogging and ready to start my mornin’ 😀 .. u can leave ur comments below or on :d white b[l]og ::: #facebook page

:Grande lighт for d new starT



..as I didn’t mention id d post before during this holidays that are still ON here (and day will be till 15 of January [old New Year] but as secondary activity) there are thousands of projects around that I just save and I think I only want to mention a bit..

.next piece that is totally my style (my dream of expression) is from David Dimichele, he’s doin’ huge stuff, I mean really, I show u here only one work from him, but u definitely need to check him!


:for sure there will be post in future where I’ll write more about his works, cause I’m really impressed as I said, this piece like d other one that u can find in shortly #contemporary are part of large-scale photography session where he is really playing with macro-micro, architecture & sculpture in one, maybe..  enjoy d light!


pseudodocumentation: lightrods: 08

are u inspired from this photography presenting megalomaniac objects, huge installation. .. u can leave ur comments below or on :d white b[l]og ::: #facebook page


:[enter d text here] for better future! salute ~

!namaste dear readers, visitors of :d white blog,
:firstly I’m so honored to have about 10 000 unique visits in only one month. For me this is perfect motivation to continue sharing d art that I respect and I think that deserves more then only to be shared as regular picture that shows small info from d author, sometimes even without d tittle of d art work. As u can see so far d posts are pretty deep observations of d master pieces that I share here, trying to bring d idea of d authors in words as simple as d work, d piece of art that I share with u today. organic, environmental, smart, eco, . ..wonderful tree for new year. maybe we need some light ornaments but. .. 😀


:happy holidays _Trine and Peter Find design


:some of d contemporary art nowadays it evolves so much that in her prime form plant d knowledge of all d history of art that we saw & learn about till now. I wish that we’ll have even more great projects in future, I look forward to share some of my pieces that I’ve already done in my small history but also I put hope in my steps for new one ~

:like a message that I want to share for all of You who are readin’ this,

  • be creative, share ur ideas, they can be someones answer for brighter understanding of d existence on this planet, mother Gaia.
  • Be active, ur participation as a global, aware citizen is very important and it’s not just excuse, d r(e)volution depends from every single human being in this puzzle.
  • Enjoy everyday, share love and put light in every thought u have. .. d new spring soon will come, till then happy new snow, we should think about this future, as white as fresh snow in high mountain 🙂

:happy new year dears, small song greeting to u http://bit.ly/uSrezy

.hope u read d poem :d ocean resonates secret poems http://wp.me/pr6sy-a9 :

all good, cheerS ~  🙂



:Aelta Andre, colorful universe in d ‘innocent eye’ of a kid

:Butterfly Nebula number one

:have u seen this miracle? I do d same activities with d kids & d teenagers that are participants on my workshops, but this parents are awesome. they realize d colorful dream that this girl creates and support Aelta Andre in her painting.

:Dinosaur IslandsShe have amazing visions and rarely professional approach that helped her to have exhibitions in d most prestige galleries. She starts with 1-2 and never stop with d will for exploring trough d colors. d creativity that she presents is bit naive in a way but very soft and subtle in other side. d strong connection that she build with d art is amazing start of her life in general.

for my point this is more then motivation for d young parents also for all of Us who are in some way part of d education process that d youngsters have. if we give all d freedom to this future generations all that we can receive is pure beauty. free love flying trough d colors on d canvases, this little hands produce magic.

she creates her own cosmos, metamorphoses trough d smell of d colors in d atelier. should we make d clothes full with colors today again? yes, d new universes are ready to come. positive vibration, bless & bliss for this girls & for all of them out there creative & inspiring youngsters as she.

:Peacock in Space

This is a 13 minute film highlighting the abstract child painter, Aelta Andre, at work in her studio.