.sign(s) on ur way

.scott hocking is good guy (probably).. but after I saw one selection of bad graffiti recorded all around this was surprisingly good for me.

since once I saw d 3th eye on a church wall in west Bulgaria I become interested in searching for signs on strange places.

:exactly what Scott is doing with his great selection, but here for u I’ll transfer only part of them, those that are interesting and have sense for me.. enjoy and keep follow d signs.

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.once upon a time

.. . probably there was some wall and there was some storyteller that start his own way. it was urban, funny, deep, tricky and interesting. ..till it last I guess.

Good job I would say because once I was in a same story but I returned 2 times and there was not some big connection between d two paintings I left. Here there’s harmony as d graffiti man writes itself and there was ‘understanding’ in some way. [not]

.anyway they helped each other, one gives to another regular daily job, d other gives inspiration and right concept in d right place. this is d urban story of our lives. u like it?

“The Story” by Mobstr [and an anonymous collaborator]


.even that it’s been a while since I was active on this blog and there were periods when I was off I still think that there should be this connection between Us since we are more then 100 followers from wordpress and more then 500 on d facebook fan page and I would like to mention u that.. u can leave ur comments below or on :d white b[l]og ::: #facebook page

.anythin’ lost?!



:Todd McLellan is doin some play that he calls art and it really is. to destroy one object and combine the elements in perfect chilly way is just awesome. check it out! .. I have it with months in my pc though..


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:ping ✖ pong time, nope thinking time!


✖ well, LIFE can be excellent if u see d thing different ✖


I wanted to share this contemporary work before I shoot out d month edition full with different pieces. This what we see here is d project Pong Pong from 2007 by Babak Golkar. Funny concept indeed, no, it’s not time for playin’ is time for thinking. .. enjoy ~



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