.once upon a time

.. . probably there was some wall and there was some storyteller that start his own way. it was urban, funny, deep, tricky and interesting. ..till it last I guess.

Good job I would say because once I was in a same story but I returned 2 times and there was not some big connection between d two paintings I left. Here there’s harmony as d graffiti man writes itself and there was ‘understanding’ in some way. [not]

.anyway they helped each other, one gives to another regular daily job, d other gives inspiration and right concept in d right place. this is d urban story of our lives. u like it?

“The Story” by Mobstr [and an anonymous collaborator]


.even that it’s been a while since I was active on this blog and there were periods when I was off I still think that there should be this connection between Us since we are more then 100 followers from wordpress and more then 500 on d facebook fan page and I would like to mention u that.. u can leave ur comments below or on :d white b[l]og ::: #facebook page

:this is tricky

:nice idea, indeed. but I still don’t know why during d sharing process we lost d name of d artist. some people still think that d content is important not d creator or d deliver. so in that name for sure I’ll not mention d deliver but I hate to share art pieces without their artist names.
.if u know d author of this amazing art installation please share it with me, I would love to learn more about his works. this is smart play with d geometry, perfect imagination of what he wants to bring as message. where d association come from?


Like kids we use to play with d cards like this, cut them with scissors and design this kind of star. .. snow flake maybe. it’s maybe combination of d two portals that we use in our life. d door trough which we enter d life d one that we leave d life and d one that we use for daily use (reality). combination of our life, vivisection. .. balance that keep us falling or standing d life with d duality or even multidimensional personality  in Us. no more philosophy for art without artist name.. 🙂

.. but hope u like it!



:I’ll mention one more time, if u know d artist or u have something special to say about this piece just don’t hesitate. .. u can leave ur comments below or on :d white b[l]og ::: #facebook page