:so, this is d reason!

.we continue this creative mood with d first selection from today! U know what is important and interesting (in a way) today?

well, voila, enjoy d fun!


:flying messages ~

I saw one picture from this creative couple(?) this morning and I just decide to google bit more. Yes, great idea, great realization as well. Very funny, satiric, ironic way to show ur hidden thoughts and conclusions.

[from mymodernmet]
Artistic duo Anna Gray and Ryan Wilson Paulsen use basic black text on white paper to convey their often comical messages relating to a wide variety of topics. The written works range from social commentary to self-reflective statements. The two-year-long 100 Posterworks project takes a straightforward black and white photography series with an equally simple concept, involving two deadpan subjects holding a banner, and manages to transform it into a really amusing collection of artistic reflection with a healthy dose of humor.

:ping ✖ pong time, nope thinking time!


✖ well, LIFE can be excellent if u see d thing different ✖


I wanted to share this contemporary work before I shoot out d month edition full with different pieces. This what we see here is d project Pong Pong from 2007 by Babak Golkar. Funny concept indeed, no, it’s not time for playin’ is time for thinking. .. enjoy ~



.of, really have u ever think about this kind of game, #idea?! . .. u can leave ur comments below or on :d white b[l]og ::: #facebook page