:some other blue age period

modern picasso for someone.. for those who respect street art, perspective play, for those who like messages.

.we have some new stuff from Sean Hart, artist that impressed d world with his minimalism, simplicity, as well with his strong lines, recognized font of letters and yes, deep messages.

he tries to make a movie, stop motion from black scenes and places inside us. he is person that knows d mental (dis)order of d human civilization, d brain act, d mental game and he shift d reality, he (re)creates d worlds, he paint his imagination with words and secret meanings.. with lost noises that can find balance in lost souls.. as urs, mine.. like d lost soul of d hidden universe. 🙂



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.sign(s) on ur way

.scott hocking is good guy (probably).. but after I saw one selection of bad graffiti recorded all around this was surprisingly good for me.

since once I saw d 3th eye on a church wall in west Bulgaria I become interested in searching for signs on strange places.

:exactly what Scott is doing with his great selection, but here for u I’ll transfer only part of them, those that are interesting and have sense for me.. enjoy and keep follow d signs.

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.d textile baobab

.it’s funny how fast this organic, recycled, urban street art is developing. It was maybe few years ago when banksy started being popular and this street arts start showing around.

this what we see here is piece of art that reminds of a baobab tree. it’s colorful but clean as idea. inventive and not typical for d place where is set. u like it?

A textile tree




.hyuro – street art #illustrator ::: masta!



:This are also pictures, collection that I collect few months already. I decide that today is d day when I’m gonna share hyuro works. he is really master on d streets, he made street art wider then before. Now we can see even more often then before illustrations on d streets. Based in Spain we can see his masterpieces online cause yes, he is sharing mostly everything what is new from him.

I’ll not write a lot about, just enjoy his work:


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.all we need is love



:not so very often I use to share graffs here but I really want to start this week with more love in me and all around me, so I found this 2 stencil graffs interesting for my white blog [space].

.they are both made in Paris, d city of love by Nick Walker and are perfect example how I would love d street art to evolve, develop. good job definitely, bit of jazz, blues, and dancing mood. indeed u’ll put smile on ur face after u see this 2 graffs.


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