:all my bad тhoughтs

Do you feel sometimes sad or in a bad mood? I just publish status update: happy life? – hell yea, only if u’re stupid! .. and I really mean it!

A lot of people nowadays are running all over to fix their agenda, to pay their bills, to collect money for holiday etc.. is this happiness? Is this all about? I think before people were more aware about what life is then now. Now is only consumerism even with d contemporary art. How many times u saw in d last year how one project that becomes popular is copied by some other “conceptual artist”? That’s why we need to select and think about d art pieces before we publish or reshare them. It’s much more difficult to be sad nowadays..

Kristof Kintera – All My Bad Thoughts (2009)

:colorful prodigy



I will for sure write something about this girl, this genius, gorgeous kid, wonder kid! She is just 5 and she is preparing for her exhibition, yet this is her second one! Reincarnated Pollock, maybe, who knows?! 🙂

She is so free and unlimited in her ideas, so d observer can be just amazed by her works, combination of colors, expressions, topics and elements that she combines.

This what I share here is d promotional video if I can express myself as that, film in which we can almost feel d vibration that this creative spirit share with d canvases in her atelier. Looking forward to see more from this girl!


This is a film highlighting the abstract child painter, Aelta Andre, at work in her studio. Aelita Andre: A Secret Universe / a solo exhibition at Agora Gallery is scheduled from June 12th to July 3rd, 2012.

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