:shortly, in a lot of colors ..


.. I saw this in my stream yesterday but I was thinking is too commercial, to much fancy for my eyes, but today I saw it one more time and I read d story. I think is good piece of art..

This beautiful work is composed of more than 2,500 letters and characters from different languages from around the world. The colorful writing is illuminated from behind, and walking into this room is a bit like walking into an abstracted conversation in which you’re hearing bits and pieces of the entire planetary population talking at once.  This piece, by Noriko Shiozawa (塩澤徳子), is called “Koto-no-ha” (こと‐の‐は), which is an older Japanese word for “language.”  Shiozawa-san was kind enough to give her permission to allow the photograph above to be used as the cover for the UNESCO Jakarta Annual Report 2008.



..u like it, u think it looks like d Eastern matrix, Pandora box. with this photography it’s like u’re part of it, with one feet inside. . .. u can leave ur comments below or on :d white b[l]og ::: #facebook page

:mural vs. Supakitch & Koralie

One more amazing project for my blog. It’s about urban art (graffiti, illustration & characters art) adapted for inside interior. They create awesome mural and in d video that I’ll share here we can see d artist process that I really like because u have opportunity to see behind d scene or how do they create this super duper mural.

Very skilled couple [Supakitch & Koralie] is presenting their style of painting and d techniques they are using during d process. They use different types of colors, markers, papers, sprays, etc. ..and d final result is stunning. I wish I could have similar mural in my room. My eyes stop on d characters, interesting combination of clothes, hair, colors, schemes, lines, details,  . ..also d difference between d male & d female sides of d mural. It’s like d duality of male/ female energy, d relationship between and d dynamic that separately they produce.

From one side bit darker, stronger vibe is passing trough d mans body and in very subtle way becomes more gentle, light and peaceful after it goes in d female side. Metamorphose of d relation between man & woman and d sunrise/ light that they produce together when they are in common state.

This what we share with you is one of the best process films I have ever seen, if there were ever any mishaps or chaotic moments, they must be back in the editing room. What exists here is just a really pretty film, of a really pretty mural, layer upon layer added on with superior skill and craftsmanship. This film captures the process better than most others where we can see d process of creating a mural. Enjoy!