:d `land of two rivers ~

Anselm Kiefer * [+]
Zweistromland / Land of Two Rivers
installation, mixed media, 1985-1989

[…] Throughout his career Kiefer was a maker of books, one-of-a-kind works like medieval manuscripts. His most monumental expression of this interest is “The High Priestess/Zweistromland/Land of Two Rivers”.


This sculpture consists of two bookcases (labeled after the rivers Tigris and Euphrates) containing about two hundred lead books, all on a superhuman scale. Some of the books were blank; others contained such things as obscure photographs of clouds or dried peas. It was a many layered work dealing with the artifacts of knowledge. […] *

.digital tower



.pretty short about this. once I had idea about d same installation with d same name except d visuals that are projected but finally I confirm my thoughts from then that probably this project exist. I think in my way it was before 2011 but still d project is already ON!


Goran Hassanpour - Tower of Babel, 2011


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.should I dream or u are dreaming?!


.when I saw this project from d great contemporary artist Miro I was stunned! .. now I saw picture from this project, first time in my stream, pretty tired to write a lot though but you know how it goes. some pieces of art can speak/ say more then thousand words this is this kind of art. respected truly!

Portrait of a Dancer (1928) by Joan Miró.


Miró’s piece was in the exhibit Joan Miró: Painting and Anti-Painting (1927-1937). From his own words regarding it, he said “I want to assassinate painting.”


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?what are u doin’. ..nothing, just watching o.O #politics

:Yes, this is definitely a great project. Amazing urban installation!

.the message is very clear, politics as topic [ like most of d time in d urban art ], and how this crew make combination of d objects to express d natural, organic meaning. ..but way to much technologically supported.

:..a ready made message from d designboom master writers, we read:

“:politicians under surveillance’ by spanish artistic collective luzinterruptus is a temporary public installation aiming to stimulate debate and conversation on the roles of the government and its influences in today’s society. armed with 75 fake security cameras complete with intermittently flashing red lights, the team set about the street of madrid, spain, and trained the surveillance equipments around various advertisement used by political parties in their electoral campaigns.”

– :from my perspective this way of showing d society that d mass-media, d big eye also see d big brother trough d camera, and politicians should think about what is right and ‘maybe, only maybe to find way to fix it. I think is moment to stop this observing process and all of Us to try to change d way ~

:this dry way of expression through art further shows that grayness as a form, style of life is consumed by all levels/ communities in d society. media as an element in an urban society should present what is truth, and that is how the posters are doing that function on d streets, just kidding I mean how d politicians should do their duty to their constituents, voters, voices .. [x2 for eyes].

_. ..however, so many eyes look through all those cameras ..

:from luzinterruptus's site:

‘…those that truly keep [the politicians] under strict surveillance are the markets, loaded with unlimited power which allows them to overthrow legitimate governments, imposing in their place a race of technocrats of suspect past, in the service of the crisis.’

:based all around d city this installation in a period of ten hours exhibited groups of security cameras scaling mailboxes, telephone poles, different electric boxes and crowding around a portion of d street. through playful interventions in the public domain, the crew wants to tell us that d project seeks to provoke d audience to think about, to reflect on the current infrastructure of d political structure that controls d society.

:politicians under surveillance' _by luzinterruptus in madrid, spain

all photos by gustavo sanabria
all images courtesy luzinterruptus

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