:d `land of two rivers ~

Anselm Kiefer * [+]
Zweistromland / Land of Two Rivers
installation, mixed media, 1985-1989

[…] Throughout his career Kiefer was a maker of books, one-of-a-kind works like medieval manuscripts. His most monumental expression of this interest is “The High Priestess/Zweistromland/Land of Two Rivers”.


This sculpture consists of two bookcases (labeled after the rivers Tigris and Euphrates) containing about two hundred lead books, all on a superhuman scale. Some of the books were blank; others contained such things as obscure photographs of clouds or dried peas. It was a many layered work dealing with the artifacts of knowledge. […] *

:forest or river, u decide?!. ..or maybe big liquid bo.Ok!


:this installation took my attention, space design with d best minimalistic expression. Most of Us knew about this shapes from d books, and this reminds me on one big liquid book, with d papers all around .. like wild river, or like d author Daniel Hafner wants to called Wald [Forest].

On his web page we read:

“The Inspiration for Wald was coils of ribbon in an old printer. A 140cm high roll of paper unrolls through the room in soft loops, sometimes tightly, sometimes more loosely. Like a screen it offers visual privacy, and forms hide-holes and clearings. “

:I would absolutely confirm that d installation art pieces in his portfolio are great, it’s pretty interesting d connection that he make between d retro technology & d primitive, naive way of expression. U can maybe find some hidden abstract energy that is plus for his style.


:what is interesting about this #installation, what do u think? Do you like d intervention that he made in d space, u know this author from before? You can leave ur comments below or on :d white b[l]og ::: #facebook page