:fluorescent outlines between d bricks

I saw project as this before but d thing that I like here more then d others is that here d artist use green fluorescent color for d contoures/ outlines. “Fill In 2” by Aakash Nihalani is piece of art that reinvent d environment, give to d old one new look.

:what do u think? it’s playful, interesting for d eyes and make this old wall more funny. I don’t think that they need to fix this wall anymore. it looks bit digital, d texture is amazing, makes u optical illusion as this wall is part of some video game, d bricks are moving if u trip in it few seconds. 😀

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:blur.y #facebook minimalism_

.very interesting texture made with d facebook page. I like this minimalism. it’s not very hard to get but so attractive for d eyes. multi-directional motion blur applied to a screenshot of a Facebook page.

Page Texture by Harm Van Den Dorpel

.u like it? me yes, a lOt! 😀