:natural fringe

.so we made a good start this year, maybe bit later but u know d story that never can be to late to start smthing. i’ll add here now one huge, megalomaniac in a way form in which i want to develop mu future art projects.

this art piece is breathtaking. only for projects like this i decide to open this blog. i think this is d right place for this huge installation.

:d installation work of designers Tokujin Yoshioka and Numen for use explores the alluring grey area between art and design. u can read more about d project HERE.


:mural vs. Supakitch & Koralie

One more amazing project for my blog. It’s about urban art (graffiti, illustration & characters art) adapted for inside interior. They create awesome mural and in d video that I’ll share here we can see d artist process that I really like because u have opportunity to see behind d scene or how do they create this super duper mural.

Very skilled couple [Supakitch & Koralie] is presenting their style of painting and d techniques they are using during d process. They use different types of colors, markers, papers, sprays, etc. ..and d final result is stunning. I wish I could have similar mural in my room. My eyes stop on d characters, interesting combination of clothes, hair, colors, schemes, lines, details,  . ..also d difference between d male & d female sides of d mural. It’s like d duality of male/ female energy, d relationship between and d dynamic that separately they produce.

From one side bit darker, stronger vibe is passing trough d mans body and in very subtle way becomes more gentle, light and peaceful after it goes in d female side. Metamorphose of d relation between man & woman and d sunrise/ light that they produce together when they are in common state.

This what we share with you is one of the best process films I have ever seen, if there were ever any mishaps or chaotic moments, they must be back in the editing room. What exists here is just a really pretty film, of a really pretty mural, layer upon layer added on with superior skill and craftsmanship. This film captures the process better than most others where we can see d process of creating a mural. Enjoy!