:challenge ur perspective ~

Reframe_Adam Scales, Berthelimeau Peter, + Paul Van Den Berg


:I was thinking to add something here, something about d perspective, d multidimensional challenge in this piece of art. I was thinking to mention d material and to put some light n d idea, BUT, this masterpiece speaks about all this stuff by itself. no need for words here.

!great, great idea.. and is not drawing as on d art classes is brutal, huge installation, great #Job!. … u can leave ur comments below or on :d white b[l]og ::: #facebook page

.illusion in d space, dreams in d air ::: can I crash here?

Is it time for sleeping? And for optical illusion?

:I like d work of this artist, he is playing with d perspectives, with d dimension, shapes, forms mostly always. 🙂

.the things that d visitors find in his works are kind of special feelings created cause of d play that he is doin’. The Swiss artist Phillippe Decrauzat has just collaborated with Bally on a covetable range of accessories. This work here is d ready made result that is just breathtaking for me. This experimentally clean spaces attract me somehow more then anything else.

I usually catch with some blogs and for me is pretty annoying that the people only share d picture with bit info, that in some cases is even lost. ..so, we do non-respectable task with sharing them like that. I prefer to read some opinion about the forms and arts that are catchy for Us, and this one have d proper look for that.

Engaging space, minimalistic forms, trippy environment. ..like part of some white dream. And d door, metaphor for so many meanings. Changing d angle in d room, u change d way of seeing d things, once u’ve moved to other place ur eyes are attracted from different light, shadows etc.

Philippe Decrauzat
 Can I Crash Here, 2005-2006
 One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, 2005-2006
 Acrylic on wood
 79.5 x 41.375 x 2.375 inches (202 x 105 x 6 cm)

Installation view
Philippe Decrauzat
CAC, Genève, Switzerland

:what about this space #installation, what do u think? Do you know smt about d author, Philippe Decrauzat?You can leave ur comments below or on :d white b[l]og facebook page