.mushroom lights

.they can be really good fun if they are in ur home. subtle, warm, magical almost as part of some fantasy. yes, we speak about design, shouldn’t be imaginative? 🙂

This LED mushroom lights from Yukio Takano, of The Great Mushrooming are amazing. I actually don’t have a lot of words do describe how I feel when I just see this lights, I want to design a room with typical environment for this mushrooms. I want them next to my bed, close to my TV, I want them everywhere, and in all colors. 🙂

Yukio has made wonderful natural architectural lighting that is common to d flora and d original form of d types of mushrooms that he is inspired by. This is maybe d coolest desk lights of all time I have ever seen, since I adore fairies, shroom stories, etc.. :3

Each light kit is complete with beautiful packaging, battery packs embedded in the base of the wood, and nifty retro on/off switches.


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?do u see d light :D

:well, white blogging, again :D


?what can I do when I see so many beautiful art pieces and I’m not in a mood to write more.
:five minutes before my [Christmas] dinner and I found this light. Anish Kapoor, Ascension is a piece of art that is stunning, is that d spirit of new soul, is that d light that d soul have in her matrix, is this what we breath, are these our thoughts . .. however it’s up to u!


:me, I'll not think about this work I'll just enjoy! hope U2!


Anish Kapoor, Ascension


:u can leave ur comments below or on :d white b[l]og ::: #facebook page & really it’s not necessary to speak only about this work! 😉