.enter my childhood


:Installation view of “Landscape of Childhood” at Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China, 2009


:I have d opportunity to see this installation/ exhibition for first time even is made three years ago. what do I like here? – I like d megalomaniac impact, I like huge stuff.. and here I respect d topic that d author use.

we all have flashes from our childhood, this are amazing traces from one of them. .. u can leave ur comments below or on :d white b[l]og ::: #facebook page

:terra incognita for someone, for me just natural discovery




.what else I wanted to write about today on my blog, as first day in d new year is this artist that I saw last year few times in my stream. I only saw before one piece from him, installation that was 3dimensional mirror of d realism nowadays [second from down].

:this post is about Gregory Euclide and his art works. It is possible you’ve never heard of Gregory Euclide. However, it is near impossible to believe you didn’t catch the cover of Bon Iver’s Calgary. The artist also held a solo exhibition at Denver’s David B. Smith and is currently part of groups shows at the Toledo Museum of Art and Hunterdon Art Museum.



:He is one of d most influential artist for 2011, lot of his master pieces will be part of d new contemporary history of art. He is pretty surreal in a moments, very unique and d art that he produce is thinkery indeed.

..Gregory Euclide’s work which, at a glance, looks like an elegant spill of paint but on closer inspection reveals a carefully executed diorama. Euclide’s inspiration is drawn from the land, but that is not to say he paints landscapes. “I know that I am simply using the landscape to reach something more complicated,” he says.



[from wikipedia]

:Gregory Euclide (born 1974) is an American contemporary artist and teacher who currently lives and works outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Born in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, and raised there before moving to Minnesota, his life was permeated with the outdoors, and created an interest in and connection to the environment that lasts to this day.


!most of d photos for this post are from his personal page ~


:what I really like in d work of this artist is that he have his own style that is pretty magical, when u look into his works is like a natural journey, u go deep into those macro worlds that he creates just to quide Us as viewers into his imagination, into his sense of storytelling. ..

p.s. check his blog also ;)


?what do u say dear readers, does he make influence in d art today. .. u can leave ur comments below or on :d white b[l]og ::: #facebook page


:no brush please! [1oq]


This what I saw today is totally amazing. It’s about painting in some very strange style/ technique that I haven’t saw before. It’s about painting without using brushes but d final result is breathtaking. Gravity is her best friend.

First: watch the video. Twenty-five year old, Toronto-based artist Amy Shackleton paints these lusciously drippy paintings without use of a brush or fingers, instead she relies on good old gravity (and occasionally string as a guide) to move the paint slowly across the canvas in delicately controlled pours. The video above captures the somewhat tedious yet brilliant process in detail, as a 30-hour painting session condensed into two minutes. I find this so unbelievably amazing and beautiful. See more of her work here, and you’ll have a chance to see it in person at Art Toronto 2011 in October. (via gizmodo)

I could write here thousands of words for that what she’s doin’ & how much inspiring it is. ..but better to spend d time watching her masterpieces and floathing with d colors that she use in so liquid way that is almost like colorful soul waterfal on her canvases.

Usually she’s inspirated from d nature and very often u can find in her work different landscapes but not rare she combine them with some parts from d city or d civilization. She do this combination of nature & civilization in some totally unique artistique way and u can’t even recognize when she is moving from d first canvas to d second one (and even more..) with d style of painting she’s trying to bring to d viewer one strong message: that there is another world but is in this one!

:rainy autumn days. this colors are playin’ with d content like rain drops playin’ on a foggy window.

Enjoy her work!

:night and day:urban.growth

:11 conceptual #photography

.we live in a contemporary times where almost everyone of Us is kind of photographer and have big folder in his computer with his pictures. when we speak about photography, since we live in modern times now we can more clearly see different ways of selecting and promoting styles in shooting.

If we speak about d concept  in general, we all know that this is something for which is necessary to have plan, story, idea, message, way of expression. ..etc. if we mention d photography in this context nothing will be changed. d work with conceptual photography is pretty a challenge, it’s kind of dream work where most of d artists present their surreal ways of accepting d things around, but there are some concepts that are pretty deep and with strong message between d lines that brings d idea of d author even closer to d viewer with d elements that he uses in his works.

this selection I done in a period of few week. we can find in this selection photography where d photographer took care for d colors, for d perspective, for d light also as for d landscape, objects, story, tools.. I hope u’ll enjoy this Top 11, it’s first of that kind.


1. stop the time_by: Tanha

:Stop The Time

2. Expanding The Horizons of Imagination _by: Monique

Expanding The Horizons of Imagination

3. To Erect a Monument _by: Victoria Ivanova

To Erect a Monument

4. George Gradinaru

5. Dave Nitsche

Dave Nitsche

6. Perpetuum Mobile _by: Hajdu Tamas

Perpetuum Mobile

7. A.madestra. W

A.madestra. W

8. No Boundaries _by:  Monique

No Boundaries_© Monique

9. Barge Haulers _by: Victoria

Barge Haulers

10. Clara Zamith

Clara Zamith

11. Svibilsky