!light ur shirt, please

great project and I have no idea but today I love lamps, or I just catch them in my stream but this is amazing idea, creative and beautiful in same time. lovely ~ 🙂 ~

:Clothes Hanger Lamp; #design _by Hector Serrano


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:all saints – was this lamp photography?!


:It’s pretty interesting that there are people around that we don’t even know, lol not some big thing to start d post, but whatever 😀

[why] People that came from d same country as me [Macedonia] and even that d number of citizens is pretty small, we don’t know them, even if we are in d same common field?! ..we still learn about some new people, new findings as this one, Ana Apostolska. I don’t know much about her, since this is d first moment to meet with her art, I couldn’t find her personal web page, blog or smt and I was pretty lazy to google her between those lost information where only her name is mention.. hope she’ll be back in line and present to d world all of her art pieces in one place, I would love to see her in action, maybe even here, where d perception for contemporary art is very low and I think we need more people like her with international experience that will bring this new wave of art and will not be only supportive and payed from/for those who are close to d stupid politics.

yes, mostly art is infected by politics,
but here we see engaged art that speaks in d name of d art itself!

I don’t know her from our „art“ scene, but is more interesting that I know her directly from d art news, and imagine we don’t have 200 mutual ‘artistic friends on facebook.

Now, what we see in this art project, not to much or enough to be part of my collection?!

– I really don’t think to promote nationalism and things from here [MKD] only because they do something. ..or maybe I make space for me in my blog where I can share my art works too?! 😀 This piece of art in general is good. Lamp series, so called ‘Toussaint is a conceptual photography project where she is exploring/ trying to find d different shapes that d light produce in those special lamp forms. Some of them remind me on my past, maybe d first reason why I decide to write few words.

The connection that mostly all of d conceptual artist are making with themself is like bridge that guides d viewer directly in d capsule of d inner time, important for d artist.
The light here, in this series have metaphysical value, in same time is both subject and technique symbol. She brings to Us one special condition of perception d thing, of understanding d light and all those secondary feelings that just make u feel even warmer after u see her work.

Do we make with d photography d things that are not visible, visible. ..all those shadows, shapes are connected between, they make perfect dialog with those large chandeliers and lamps hanging from a ceiling moon barely visible.

Photographs of the ‘Toussaint series are images from the daily practice hierophany power to transform daily life. Would it be portraits? Possible interpretation, especially if we consider the origin of the word Toussaint could be read by “all saints”.

By revisiting the myths of origins, interpreting the foundations of the rituals that we follow while still having forgotten or distorted their meaning, Ana Apostolska uses contemporary language and a means of formal and conceptual coherence to reveal this sense, show what is hidden.

..and yes, Ana start working with conceptual art photography long time ago, and her first projects that we see in her biography are somewhere in 1995. great one [happy that I’m not alone]. ..I don’t prefer to promote myself in d art community in my ‘country’

:I found d series of photography by Ana Apostolska on p a r i sart ;)