:challenge ur perspective ~

Reframe_Adam Scales, Berthelimeau Peter, + Paul Van Den Berg


:I was thinking to add something here, something about d perspective, d multidimensional challenge in this piece of art. I was thinking to mention d material and to put some light n d idea, BUT, this masterpiece speaks about all this stuff by itself. no need for words here.

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:fluorescent outlines between d bricks

I saw project as this before but d thing that I like here more then d others is that here d artist use green fluorescent color for d contoures/ outlines. “Fill In 2” by Aakash Nihalani is piece of art that reinvent d environment, give to d old one new look.

:what do u think? it’s playful, interesting for d eyes and make this old wall more funny. I don’t think that they need to fix this wall anymore. it looks bit digital, d texture is amazing, makes u optical illusion as this wall is part of some video game, d bricks are moving if u trip in it few seconds. 😀

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:untitled frames and some wind


:Carlie Trosclair, d next person on :d white blog for tonight. I have pretty interesting stuff to share, don’t know why I’ve become pretty lazy nowadays. probably because of d outdoor activities. this one reminds on this kind of activity also. open windows, frames that free d wind from you. Carlie Trosclair is an installation artist from New Orleans, Louisiana who presently works and resides in St. Louis, Missouri.

:strong emotions, right? powerful expression, abstract feelings, soft chaos. well, in most of his projects he can be defined as this.

about this piece we know [from his web site]:

Untitled (Nests, Shells, and Corners)
A house constitutes a body of images that give mankind proofs or illusions of stability. We are constantly re-imagining its reality: to distinguish all these images would be to describe the soul of the house; it would mean developing a veritable psychology of the house.
-Gaston Bachelard, “The House: from Cellar to Garret”, from The Poetics of Space

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.illusion in d space, dreams in d air ::: can I crash here?

Is it time for sleeping? And for optical illusion?

:I like d work of this artist, he is playing with d perspectives, with d dimension, shapes, forms mostly always. 🙂

.the things that d visitors find in his works are kind of special feelings created cause of d play that he is doin’. The Swiss artist Phillippe Decrauzat has just collaborated with Bally on a covetable range of accessories. This work here is d ready made result that is just breathtaking for me. This experimentally clean spaces attract me somehow more then anything else.

I usually catch with some blogs and for me is pretty annoying that the people only share d picture with bit info, that in some cases is even lost. ..so, we do non-respectable task with sharing them like that. I prefer to read some opinion about the forms and arts that are catchy for Us, and this one have d proper look for that.

Engaging space, minimalistic forms, trippy environment. ..like part of some white dream. And d door, metaphor for so many meanings. Changing d angle in d room, u change d way of seeing d things, once u’ve moved to other place ur eyes are attracted from different light, shadows etc.

Philippe Decrauzat
 Can I Crash Here, 2005-2006
 One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, 2005-2006
 Acrylic on wood
 79.5 x 41.375 x 2.375 inches (202 x 105 x 6 cm)

Installation view
Philippe Decrauzat
CAC, Genève, Switzerland

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