:Guitarbotana avec Mari Kimura

I found this link via @Milica Popovic on facebook and I think that this project sounds amazing. It’s first time for me to see this combination of electronic maschine (robot musician?!??) and awesome violinist. I enjoy almost every second of this video. this audio can be heard in Kimura’s CD POLYTOPIA that is probably unique example of music from this kind (or I’m not good informed).

The violin gives those classical emotions that usually the classical music create in Us but with d maschine it shows d duality of our personality. One of d comment on youtube say: she’s the mars volta or pink floyd equivalent of violins and I agree with this constitution. From one side this music is pretty weird even that I listen and play some noise but that violin brings the frequency that on moments makes u joyful or from other point hysteric, nervous even scared.

Mari Kimura explain more clear for this:
Behind the white box, there is a Mac and an audio interface. I am running a software MaxMSP, which is LISTENING to the pitch. loundess and the timing of the violin. The ‘patch’ I created in Max contains certain interactive instructions such as “listen to the E (highest open string on the violin)”. For example in the beginning, if you listen carefully you notice when I play above E, it stops. Iinteractions change inpredetermined time frames.

Ok, enough for this goody Frankenstein type of music. 😀