:untitled frames and some wind


:Carlie Trosclair, d next person on :d white blog for tonight. I have pretty interesting stuff to share, don’t know why I’ve become pretty lazy nowadays. probably because of d outdoor activities. this one reminds on this kind of activity also. open windows, frames that free d wind from you. Carlie Trosclair is an installation artist from New Orleans, Louisiana who presently works and resides in St. Louis, Missouri.

:strong emotions, right? powerful expression, abstract feelings, soft chaos. well, in most of his projects he can be defined as this.

about this piece we know [from his web site]:

Untitled (Nests, Shells, and Corners)
A house constitutes a body of images that give mankind proofs or illusions of stability. We are constantly re-imagining its reality: to distinguish all these images would be to describe the soul of the house; it would mean developing a veritable psychology of the house.
-Gaston Bachelard, “The House: from Cellar to Garret”, from The Poetics of Space

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:more then one black balloon [twO]

I just love balloOns, especially if they are black :)

:if u want to see other project with balloons check d shortly #contemporary tab on my blog and this what we see here is playin’ with d gravity. What is what, what is first, then what is where? .. is it right? What’s d catch here? why this up, this down etc..

Think about in meanwhile, Bonsoir Paris & Davina Muller & Jules Cairon are working on some other projects/ pieces now.. if u’re interested search for their tumblr page 😉

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:Old but go.Ody . .. :Daniel Firman & his upside-down #elephant

:photo story: yes I'll have this kind of posts ~ :)


.not that somethin’ but I really wanted to have this elephant on my blog. I sawed few years ago maybe, as I check now while I was collecting d pics [3 years ago] and I like this megalomaniac sculptures.. #installations that are playing with d gravity. Like deconstructive way of working with d perspective, shocking.

This Taxidermy elephant / Taxidermie d’éléphant by d french artist Daniel Firmanis [1966] was exhibited in lots of galleries till now, so voila’ if u haven’t saw this till nice enjoy d moment. Me, I like elephants even when they stay in this position. 🙂

:count it #weird, but.. why, elephant [so big] and why upside – down?! 
- just kiddin'! :)

:If it was #freshy I was going to write bit more about it,
but for now hope u enjoyed d photos ~


:what about this #installations, what do u think? Do you know smt about d artist, about this conceptual way of expression trough art, u like d elephant?. ..me, I ❤ elephants:::You can leave ur comments below or on :d white b[l]og ::: #facebook page