:lamps & design + light

.once I already wrote here about lamps [but in other context] and I really want just to mention here about this magic lamps. Amazing combination of light & design. Those lovely forms on d wall.. I use to make d same effect, just in colors with stained glass, or painting on glass.

Polish artist known as Calabarte makes amazing table lamps out of hollowed and dried skin of the gourd fruit. unique indeed, I like them ::: Great!

:yes, u can visit d web site written on d last photo 😉

we read from toxel [dot] com:

– Wonderful patterns and designs intricately carved into the deeper layers of the shell allow the light to pass through. Because the shape of the fruit is determined by nature, each lamp is unique and one of a kind.

!hope u like lamps and it was not a problem for u to enjoy this new one ~ :u can leave ur comments below or on :d white b[l]og ::: #facebook page