:growing up


:perfect weekend to grow up ur legs, or at least one of them.. reminds u to what? to me, to a lot of stuff. but wait, let’s first start!

:Erección by Yoan Capote is project that works with one of my favorite, inspirational objects – chair. and I am not pretty sure when this attraction/ connection with d chairs happen, was it before I learn smthing about industrial design or afterwords.

:anyway, amazing piece of art, surreal, dreamy, reminds me bit of d nose that grows in d story for  Pinocchio, a bit of d elephant leaps, or giving importance to d thing u grow in ur life..


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:elephant day ~


:I know that a lot of Us celebrate today St. Valentines day,  share presents, fell in love etc, here in my country we celebrate as well st. Trifun that is like God of wine. we celebrated it with cutting and grafting d grapes plants early in d mornin’ then start with drinking, for me is still early for drinking but I’ll start later in d day with some beer or red wine. ..maybe I’ll fell in love, who knows 😉

.I was attracted by this sculpture cause is fake and thanks God that is like that because if it was real elephant I was goin’ to be sad about that. I hate animal abuse, especially if on d top of it is in use for art piece. the thing is that here is not real animal, but very good forms and positions in which d elephant as object is putted into. and d smile that they always have and d optimism that they share while u watch them.

The skin speaks a language not on its own by Bharti Kher is d project that follows, enjoy there are few many posts yet to come, it will be busy day. 🙂



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:Old but go.Ody . .. :Daniel Firman & his upside-down #elephant

:photo story: yes I'll have this kind of posts ~ :)


.not that somethin’ but I really wanted to have this elephant on my blog. I sawed few years ago maybe, as I check now while I was collecting d pics [3 years ago] and I like this megalomaniac sculptures.. #installations that are playing with d gravity. Like deconstructive way of working with d perspective, shocking.

This Taxidermy elephant / Taxidermie d’éléphant by d french artist Daniel Firmanis [1966] was exhibited in lots of galleries till now, so voila’ if u haven’t saw this till nice enjoy d moment. Me, I like elephants even when they stay in this position. 🙂

:count it #weird, but.. why, elephant [so big] and why upside – down?! 
- just kiddin'! :)

:If it was #freshy I was going to write bit more about it,
but for now hope u enjoyed d photos ~


:what about this #installations, what do u think? Do you know smt about d artist, about this conceptual way of expression trough art, u like d elephant?. ..me, I ❤ elephants:::You can leave ur comments below or on :d white b[l]og ::: #facebook page