:mural vs. Supakitch & Koralie

One more amazing project for my blog. It’s about urban art (graffiti, illustration & characters art) adapted for inside interior. They create awesome mural and in d video that I’ll share here we can see d artist process that I really like because u have opportunity to see behind d scene or how do they create this super duper mural.

Very skilled couple [Supakitch & Koralie] is presenting their style of painting and d techniques they are using during d process. They use different types of colors, markers, papers, sprays, etc. ..and d final result is stunning. I wish I could have similar mural in my room. My eyes stop on d characters, interesting combination of clothes, hair, colors, schemes, lines, details,  . ..also d difference between d male & d female sides of d mural. It’s like d duality of male/ female energy, d relationship between and d dynamic that separately they produce.

From one side bit darker, stronger vibe is passing trough d mans body and in very subtle way becomes more gentle, light and peaceful after it goes in d female side. Metamorphose of d relation between man & woman and d sunrise/ light that they produce together when they are in common state.

This what we share with you is one of the best process films I have ever seen, if there were ever any mishaps or chaotic moments, they must be back in the editing room. What exists here is just a really pretty film, of a really pretty mural, layer upon layer added on with superior skill and craftsmanship. This film captures the process better than most others where we can see d process of creating a mural. Enjoy!


:Aelta Andre, colorful universe in d ‘innocent eye’ of a kid

:Butterfly Nebula number one

:have u seen this miracle? I do d same activities with d kids & d teenagers that are participants on my workshops, but this parents are awesome. they realize d colorful dream that this girl creates and support Aelta Andre in her painting.

:Dinosaur IslandsShe have amazing visions and rarely professional approach that helped her to have exhibitions in d most prestige galleries. She starts with 1-2 and never stop with d will for exploring trough d colors. d creativity that she presents is bit naive in a way but very soft and subtle in other side. d strong connection that she build with d art is amazing start of her life in general.

for my point this is more then motivation for d young parents also for all of Us who are in some way part of d education process that d youngsters have. if we give all d freedom to this future generations all that we can receive is pure beauty. free love flying trough d colors on d canvases, this little hands produce magic.

she creates her own cosmos, metamorphoses trough d smell of d colors in d atelier. should we make d clothes full with colors today again? yes, d new universes are ready to come. positive vibration, bless & bliss for this girls & for all of them out there creative & inspiring youngsters as she.

:Peacock in Space

This is a 13 minute film highlighting the abstract child painter, Aelta Andre, at work in her studio.

!еverything is a Remix:

:well yea, what do u expect?This is a video project that I found in our creative exchange group on facebook and I was pretty interested ’cause all we speak about are our right for d things that we create or the privacy that we keep when we share with our networks/ community. Some of the thing we hear in this video are pretty weird as d sentence that d creativity isn’t magic. .. for me as artist is very hard to accept this but from other side as a developer of different projects is more easy to confirm that we collaborate firstly with ourselves then with d close surrounding and that’s d first step in sharing is caring process or applying ur knowledge in d future masterpieces that we create.

Is everything copy of a copy of a copy or should I say it’s all remix and we are d creators ops.. d dj’s? As we can see from this short introduction that is part of series that we all need to see if we decide to do some creative works in our life, we need to know that the basic elements in d creativity process are: COPY | TRANFORM | COMBINE

it’s good to know our past if we want to see d future, if we want to be active participants in d friendly future, where we all understand each other and know our sources. We all create with the same materials and sometimes there can be similarity that should push up looking forward to better results/ products.

Everything is a Remix Part 3 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

Creativity isn’t magic. Part three of this four-part series explores how innovations truly happen.
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