.my very best mechanical Buddha

I love this project, maybe I have share it before even that I think not here.. I use to write for this concept and approach for university and pretty like d idea and d vivisection of d anatomy of d human body.


First time after a while, maybe more then a year I collect few photos of this sculpture that open d form from more perspectives, is amazingly great how smart this idea is. u remember d video that bjork made for one of her songs..? there was something from cardigans as well.

Wang Zi Won is d author that made this stunning sculpture that brings our surreal perception more close to our eyes, Pensive Bodhisattva is d name of d project and is produced in 2010.

untitledz2z3z4z5z6z7.absolutely here are more projects, it’s not only d pensive Buddha or mechanical Bodhisattva or Buddha Mandala.. here I bring u few of those project that Wand is creating and is worldwide recognized.

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.illusion in d space, dreams in d air ::: can I crash here?

Is it time for sleeping? And for optical illusion?

:I like d work of this artist, he is playing with d perspectives, with d dimension, shapes, forms mostly always. 🙂

.the things that d visitors find in his works are kind of special feelings created cause of d play that he is doin’. The Swiss artist Phillippe Decrauzat has just collaborated with Bally on a covetable range of accessories. This work here is d ready made result that is just breathtaking for me. This experimentally clean spaces attract me somehow more then anything else.

I usually catch with some blogs and for me is pretty annoying that the people only share d picture with bit info, that in some cases is even lost. ..so, we do non-respectable task with sharing them like that. I prefer to read some opinion about the forms and arts that are catchy for Us, and this one have d proper look for that.

Engaging space, minimalistic forms, trippy environment. ..like part of some white dream. And d door, metaphor for so many meanings. Changing d angle in d room, u change d way of seeing d things, once u’ve moved to other place ur eyes are attracted from different light, shadows etc.

Philippe Decrauzat
 Can I Crash Here, 2005-2006
 One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, 2005-2006
 Acrylic on wood
 79.5 x 41.375 x 2.375 inches (202 x 105 x 6 cm)

Installation view
Philippe Decrauzat
CAC, Genève, Switzerland

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‘d whole world’ in one wall

#micro & #macro and d world in between

I totally like d whole process in this work. Since d beginning of d idea, d approach to d idea, d finesse that he use and all details. The idea a form to be broken down into its parts and re-create is perfect. Artist goes from one level of macro world where using a microscope is trying to portray d minimalistic perspective of d world we live in and that the nubs are d content that it takes one thing to exist like whole and vice versa we have d miniaturism of our civilization as our property, and the whole world that surrounds us, which he captures in the second half of his work – the telescope.


The wall between is like bridge, is like d mind that is trying to observe d duality of d world in which we exist. He counts all of d pieces and make from them d whole structure of this installation. It’s kind of philosophy and architecture in one, but expressed trough d prism of art. In one clean, gentle way he shows d connection between this two worlds the one that is inside Us and the other one that like open sky wait for our eyes to be realized.


In d video we can see d love that he put into his process, all d steps that he is passing trough nut also d final result that is stunning in that new pure clean minimalistic way of expressing d concept. We have three elements [macro, wall, micro] presented in a beautiful way that brings Us in a state of peace and joy of d energy that the masterpiece produce by himself.

A documentary capturing Chris Sauter’s making of his installation entitled “The Whole World”, part of the exhibition Wish You Were Here at the Fort Worth Contemporary Arts Gallery.

Chris Sauter was born in San Antonio, Texas in 1971. He grew up on his grandparent’s ranch in Boerne, a small German town north of San Antonio.He attended the University of the Incarnate Word (then Incarnate Word College) where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1993. Sauter later received a Master of Fine Arts degree from The University of Texas at San Antonio in 1996. He exhibits nationally and internationally with solo exhibitions at John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan, WI, Cueto Project, NY,NY, Finesilver, Houston, TX,  Elizabeth Dee, NY,NY, Galerie Valerie  Cueto, Paris, France and Susanne Vielmetter, Los Angeles Projects, Los Angeles, CA.  Group exhibitions include  EVA in Limerick, Ireland, Domicile: Public.Prive at the Musee d’Art Moderne Saint-Etienne, France, Wall to Wall Drawing at The Drawing Center, NY, Drawing Outside the Lines at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, AZ, Out of the Ordinary at the Contemporary Art Museum, Houston and Come Forward: Emerging Art in Texas at the Dallas Museum of Art. In 1999, he was chosen by Okwui Enwezor to participate in the Artpace international artist residency. Chris Sauter lives and works in San Antonio.