:no brush please! [1oq]


This what I saw today is totally amazing. It’s about painting in some very strange style/ technique that I haven’t saw before. It’s about painting without using brushes but d final result is breathtaking. Gravity is her best friend.

First: watch the video. Twenty-five year old, Toronto-based artist Amy Shackleton paints these lusciously drippy paintings without use of a brush or fingers, instead she relies on good old gravity (and occasionally string as a guide) to move the paint slowly across the canvas in delicately controlled pours. The video above captures the somewhat tedious yet brilliant process in detail, as a 30-hour painting session condensed into two minutes. I find this so unbelievably amazing and beautiful. See more of her work here, and you’ll have a chance to see it in person at Art Toronto 2011 in October. (via gizmodo)

I could write here thousands of words for that what she’s doin’ & how much inspiring it is. ..but better to spend d time watching her masterpieces and floathing with d colors that she use in so liquid way that is almost like colorful soul waterfal on her canvases.

Usually she’s inspirated from d nature and very often u can find in her work different landscapes but not rare she combine them with some parts from d city or d civilization. She do this combination of nature & civilization in some totally unique artistique way and u can’t even recognize when she is moving from d first canvas to d second one (and even more..) with d style of painting she’s trying to bring to d viewer one strong message: that there is another world but is in this one!

:rainy autumn days. this colors are playin’ with d content like rain drops playin’ on a foggy window.

Enjoy her work!

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