:colorful prodigy



I will for sure write something about this girl, this genius, gorgeous kid, wonder kid! She is just 5 and she is preparing for her exhibition, yet this is her second one! Reincarnated Pollock, maybe, who knows?! 🙂

She is so free and unlimited in her ideas, so d observer can be just amazed by her works, combination of colors, expressions, topics and elements that she combines.

This what I share here is d promotional video if I can express myself as that, film in which we can almost feel d vibration that this creative spirit share with d canvases in her atelier. Looking forward to see more from this girl!


This is a film highlighting the abstract child painter, Aelta Andre, at work in her studio. Aelita Andre: A Secret Universe / a solo exhibition at Agora Gallery is scheduled from June 12th to July 3rd, 2012.

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:Aelta Andre, colorful universe in d ‘innocent eye’ of a kid

:Butterfly Nebula number one

:have u seen this miracle? I do d same activities with d kids & d teenagers that are participants on my workshops, but this parents are awesome. they realize d colorful dream that this girl creates and support Aelta Andre in her painting.

:Dinosaur IslandsShe have amazing visions and rarely professional approach that helped her to have exhibitions in d most prestige galleries. She starts with 1-2 and never stop with d will for exploring trough d colors. d creativity that she presents is bit naive in a way but very soft and subtle in other side. d strong connection that she build with d art is amazing start of her life in general.

for my point this is more then motivation for d young parents also for all of Us who are in some way part of d education process that d youngsters have. if we give all d freedom to this future generations all that we can receive is pure beauty. free love flying trough d colors on d canvases, this little hands produce magic.

she creates her own cosmos, metamorphoses trough d smell of d colors in d atelier. should we make d clothes full with colors today again? yes, d new universes are ready to come. positive vibration, bless & bliss for this girls & for all of them out there creative & inspiring youngsters as she.

:Peacock in Space

This is a 13 minute film highlighting the abstract child painter, Aelta Andre, at work in her studio.