.u’re #tree within a tree

:have u ask urself if there is life inside an old tree? me not. till today. therefore, what better way to appreciate nature and d wonders of life than with a simply amazing art sculpture like this? 🙂


I just saw this amazing work from d Italian artist Giuseppe Penone who tries to get at d core of d trunk and there, as in a hidden universe to reveal d babe, d ancient beginning of d life of a tree.

.this amazing work is part of his exhibition “The Hidden Life Within“ (2012) for which he come up with d piece, he took a massive tree trunk and carved it away, ring by ring, to show off d tree’s earliest self.


Tree of 12 Metres was made by scraping away the wood from a felled tree, which had first been roughly sawn into a beam, to reveal its internal structure of narrow core and developing branches. Penone’s aim was to return the tree to the form it had had at an earlier stage of its growth, making visible natural processes which are normally hidden.

.d result is remarkable, showing off where d larger tree came from, and how it changed with years of growth. this idea brings us back to d essence, d very foundation of our growth, our connection with nature, our consciousness that in each of us lies fragile, gentle soul piece that keep us protected from d external influences.

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.light in d trees


:Barry Underwood – Trace, 2008

:I just like d colors of this project, d photography is also great. to bad that sometimes they just promote d project not d photographer that make this art piece historical for this virtual era. nowadays very often we miss good projects from around d world only because they are not pictured good or they are not photographed at all. enjoy! ~


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:not for my garden


:we need to think before we put our stairs for d future. also we need to think before we put them on our tree of life before d tree is to strong. in d conceptual challenges we see different interventions with d nature and d forms.

this project, sculpture by Sebastien Reiser is speaking about d irony of d mankind, about d false believing and maybe for d hope.. I like d way how he play with d feelings..


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:wrapped inside d trees

:post No. 100 [mood: happy]

– pretty strange that I found myself in this wrapped trees in this post for celebration, anyway still go.Od to be seEn;

:Christo and Jeanne-Claude: Wrapped Trees


.yes, I know that u saw already few installations similar to this one, with wrapped trees in different style. I decide that I want to have at least one of that edition, great idea that was motivation for d artists to try inventing their creations. I find common to my feelings this one, I don’t even know d authors name it’s not so much surrealistic, still dreamy. .. beautiful * adaptable to d environment.


:no more words for this post :)



:and yes, I was joking when I said that I’ll share only one project, I couldn’t resist to collect few of them that I already bookmarked in d past. enJoy ~


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Christo and Jeanne-Claude: Wrapped Trees

:[enter d text here] for better future! salute ~

!namaste dear readers, visitors of :d white blog,
:firstly I’m so honored to have about 10 000 unique visits in only one month. For me this is perfect motivation to continue sharing d art that I respect and I think that deserves more then only to be shared as regular picture that shows small info from d author, sometimes even without d tittle of d art work. As u can see so far d posts are pretty deep observations of d master pieces that I share here, trying to bring d idea of d authors in words as simple as d work, d piece of art that I share with u today. organic, environmental, smart, eco, . ..wonderful tree for new year. maybe we need some light ornaments but. .. 😀


:happy holidays _Trine and Peter Find design


:some of d contemporary art nowadays it evolves so much that in her prime form plant d knowledge of all d history of art that we saw & learn about till now. I wish that we’ll have even more great projects in future, I look forward to share some of my pieces that I’ve already done in my small history but also I put hope in my steps for new one ~

:like a message that I want to share for all of You who are readin’ this,

  • be creative, share ur ideas, they can be someones answer for brighter understanding of d existence on this planet, mother Gaia.
  • Be active, ur participation as a global, aware citizen is very important and it’s not just excuse, d r(e)volution depends from every single human being in this puzzle.
  • Enjoy everyday, share love and put light in every thought u have. .. d new spring soon will come, till then happy new snow, we should think about this future, as white as fresh snow in high mountain 🙂

:happy new year dears, small song greeting to u http://bit.ly/uSrezy

.hope u read d poem :d ocean resonates secret poems http://wp.me/pr6sy-a9 :

all good, cheerS ~  🙂