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I thought we could share few typography projects that have interesting design and form. most of them as well have strong message, sentence or words that have meaning that pretty well describe d idea that d author is willing to present.


Sean Hart - Extra Time (2011)

Sean Hart – Extra Time (2011)


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#short vivisection

.тнis is short vivisection of some art that pass trough my stream nowadays. I must say I’m pretty sorry that I don’t spent a lot of time here on this blog, but I must invite u in same time as well to visit my new project that I took part: think.mk

.it’s actually thinkery web portal for all brainiacs and mind voyagers from my country. I admit that d time that i spent there, working on all that different content is challenge for me is some way. .. but i promise that i’ll do try to come here more often and spread d good conceptuallity with u. btw it’s pretty noisy out there, a lot of good stuff I must point тнaт!

:enjoy d selection!

“merror” by anatol knotek


Anish Kapoor

Jannis Kounellis

Oscar Tauzon

Sarah Oppenheimer, D-33

tom lovelace

:enjoy d reflection of d whitness

The geological history of the Salar is associated with a sequential transformation between several vast lakes. Some 30,000–42,000 years ago, the area was part of a giant prehistoric lake, Lake Minchin. SALAR DE UYUNI (or Salar de Tunupa)

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I know that I bit slow this days with posting but I have pretty much things to do, and in this turbulent periods I just collect street art. I don’t know why but in moments when I work I just don’t stop on d conceptual art and nowadays actually there are not so grande projects besides d one supported with video.. d girl that makes some circles in d snow  walking that I don’t count as some big concept just good payed.


I decide to make one collection of urban street art works that drawn my attention, o7 pieces for this edition, enjoy!



Alma, Sao Paolo


EMOL, Rio de Janeiro


Gaia - Carrier Pigeon, Chicago


:other, Berlin


Roa - Black Bird, London


.the post that will follow as next feature on :d white blog will present you one of d most influenced graffiti artist in d world Hyuro that besides bansky, roa (that we see here) and few more are top 5 in d last few years.
:hope u like graff art as I do, I haven’t post here a lot about and I’ll keep to this pure selection not only transferring d regular daily stuff that we see in d stream. I’m really up to wait for a while till I make some good selection. ..u can leave ur comments below or on :d white b[l]og ::: #facebook page