:cactus as protector [poke:ekop]


.lot of u think maybe that d cactus as plant is dangerous and cold but maybe some of u accept it as structure that keeps d energy calm and strong. ..and that sounds protective. I like to see d cactus as plant that is used to live alone, one of d things that we need to face as human beings ASAP, like form that don’t need to ask a lot, to be in balance with d nature with almost no needs.is that d true that pokes Us from all d sides?

:if u see d cactus as art form it will give u some of this points, there are others also, here in this collection, in this two projects I want to make parallel between d horizontal and d vertical lines that we build in Us around Us as human beings, do we act protective, do we have attitude to attack if we are touched (literally) etc..

d first project is from Martin Creed who is pretty popular nowadays, daily we see most of his projects in d stream. he presents d scale of protection in my way, or maybe d growing process of d coldness between d people. u decide! pretty contemporary work, attractive as well. deep concept, more then yes for sure 🙂



.the second piece Growth (2006) by Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla is interesting as well. a lot of people graft grapes today, this artist decide to make d horizontal line in d society more .. u say 😉

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