:keep ur meditation



:I found this sculpture, installation very attractive. even that is bit like trash art this means a lot to me. not very rare when u do meditation, d Buddhist one u need to keep keep ur eyes half open/ close and in that state, u start feelin’ sleepy and ur head will fells like fallin’ down.

Zhang Huan is conceptual artist that shows this megalomaniac view of this important religion for d contemporary era. a lot of people from d west civilization start being interested in d Eastern philosophy after a lot of people start promoting d idea via arts, culture etc.. This artist is creating art works that are reflecting his tradition also as some other works that are totally different from d series of photography that u’ll see here. donkeys, naked people, performances.. u need to check his works for sure.

this gigantic aluminum piece is meant to deteriorate and crumble as time passes. “To me, ashes carry unseen sedimentary residue, and tremendous human data about the collective and individual subconscious,” Zhang says. “As time goes by, the environment will affect the work, as the floor will tremble with movement, ash Buddha will also change and fall into piece. The work questions what is Buddha. And since all is void, will ash lie still?

Zhang Huan, is a Chinese artist from the southeast province of Henan.  Studying from many different Chinese art styles, Zhang Huan portrays has presented his art in very unique and different ways. Many of his works usually include or incorporate the human body in many masochistic or emotionally moving positions.  Zhang Huan’s style may be considered strange and demeaning to some, especially to the Chinese art culture which follows very different standards.  Zhang strayed from the traditional Chinese brush painting and calligraphy early in his art career being influenced by his resentment towards the Chinese Communistic government and the influence of Western arts. Zhang has worked with a variety of art forms including sculpting, performing art, and oil painting. Some of his most well known works are his performance arts which included: “To Raise the Water Level in a Fishpond, 12 Square Meters, 65 Kilograms, and To Add One Meter to an Anonymous Mountain.” Many of these performance arts were self abusive, something Zhang has since left behind.



?u like this sculpture, definitely it was different angle of seeing this regular home sculpture. this contemporary artist is everywhere nowadays, doin’ master pieces that are changing d mental state and d way of understanding art  today. .. u can leave ur comments below or on :d white b[l]og ::: #facebook page

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