:rope. a lot of rope!

:Finally time for this post, I have this tab open for a week maybe and I restore my session only for this piece. I was thinking is it something that expresses something. In my way it shows more then what we see. We just need to push a bit our boundaries of understanding conceptual arts.


.What is all about? - Orly Genger and her installations ~

“Orly Genger builds stacks, walls, and even entire rooms out of rope, creating large sprawling sculptures that skillfully commandeer both indoor and outdoor spaces. Through her recurring use of coarse rope, extreme color choices, and what might be described as aggressive installations, Genger is a sculptor interested in reshaping space and actively engaging the viewer.” [museum magazine]


She’s amazing artist, I like how she engage d viewers, how she creates secret maps, play, she is extremely colorful. .. that rope, manually created is not only attractive for her as creator but for d whole audience that is trap into her concept. Upside down, outdoor or indoor, d walls and d structure in between, I couldn’t skip this artist. Minimalistic attitude, but still I would say psychedelic. .. probably because of my background.

If u want to read interview with her just click d [link]  .. I found beside this One, few other projects that I like and either she use d colors for d rope or she plays with, original, not colored d forms that she makes are amazing. They fulfill d space in a beautiful way, sometime bit heavy as feeling but sometimes with deep sense of positive vibe. Entertaining, makes u willing to explore d environment, enjoy her works, I couldn’t make this post only with one project! 🙂



.pretty attractive, contemporary look. .. interactive, interesting for d eyes, beautiful. u like it. .. u can leave ur comments below or on :d white b[l]og ::: #facebook page

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