.are u in d clouds?!



:I imagine big white room full with this clouds, not only one, I want whole sky with this soft pure clouds. Perrine Lievens shows as example from our dreams, how many times have u wish to touch d clouds while u’re up there in d sky, flying somewhere? Me..? every time when I see clouds I start dreaming.. hope u do d same!



:btw this piece is called Temps Couvert; Analogue overlay under diasec
 but if u make small research u’ll learned that she exhibit all around and is Paris based contemporary artist. Lievens works with objects that we know from our familiar surroundings. By sculpturally reworking the objects and reinterpreting their function, she questions established patterns of perception and forces us to rethink the use and function of the objects; they appear to have acquired an additional poetic dimension.


..see some other pieces from her ~


!open ur window and grab cloud for ur room, hope u like d idea(s). ..u can leave ur comments below or on :d white b[l]og ::: #facebook page

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