:Athena pls give me a chocolate, yes from d fridge!




?what can I say really, yes. .. it just smt that stick in my eyes. ..I don’t stay tranquille when I see works as this one, Ghost in the Machine [2005] by Jimmie Durham.


Ghost in the Machine (2005), a life-size ancient statue of a helmeted Athena coiled with rope to a refrigerator, is surely about Cartesian mind-body dualism, but to me it just appears as some miraculous treasure hoisted from the depths. deconstructive for d history but pretty powerful for d future. even that we know already from d history about some fridges, this sculptures from #Banksy. ..but d combination of this so called garden art sculpture of Athena, d old as symbol powerful contemporary object and d rope I can just mention that she definitely went there to open d fridge and steal d chocolate but d magical diet stop her and c’est la vie.. 🙂



!u can put ur sculpture close to ur fridge or take d fridge out in d garden close to d sculpture, rope is not a problem though. .. u can leave ur comments below or on :d white b[l]og ::: #facebook page

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