:Grande lighт for d new starT



..as I didn’t mention id d post before during this holidays that are still ON here (and day will be till 15 of January [old New Year] but as secondary activity) there are thousands of projects around that I just save and I think I only want to mention a bit..

.next piece that is totally my style (my dream of expression) is from David Dimichele, he’s doin’ huge stuff, I mean really, I show u here only one work from him, but u definitely need to check him!


:for sure there will be post in future where I’ll write more about his works, cause I’m really impressed as I said, this piece like d other one that u can find in shortly #contemporary are part of large-scale photography session where he is really playing with macro-micro, architecture & sculpture in one, maybe..  enjoy d light!


pseudodocumentation: lightrods: 08

are u inspired from this photography presenting megalomaniac objects, huge installation. .. u can leave ur comments below or on :d white b[l]og ::: #facebook page


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