:let’s GO invisible [edition infinity]



:Standing Wave 2010


.:here is almost Christmas dinner time [u know we are Orthodox Christians here in Macedonia] and while I wait for d dinner I find this great artist that I want to share with you.

I wanted to share only one work from this artist but it’s just not possible.. I like d sensitive minimalistic line that is used in this works, I like d concept like whole, d gentle light that this pieces are sharing with d audience.


:Line & Shadow _2oo9


:Line & Shadow, 2oo9


:Simple, adorable works. ..all of them!

_silvered glass beads on stainless steel piano wire and aluminum, yarn and pins on wall, hand-dyed yarn and pins on wall, mixed media in general. .. but d results, they speak for them-self. No words in my dictionary are willing to start describing this beautiful, soft pieces of art. .. very smart, geometrical in one way, but very open-minded, fractalized, in other way.
::: Sooo, Alyson Shotz it’s pretty popular nowadays and if u’re more interested in her work just check her page. ..she’s pretty active with her projects. Enjoy!


:Wave Equation, 2o1o


:d Structure of Light, 2oo8

:Sine 2o11

:double torque 2o1o

:untitled 1 & 2


?u like this sensitive, sensual, lyric installations. .. they are pretty unique and beautiful. .. u can leave ur comments below or on :d white b[l]og ::: #facebook page


2 thoughts on “:let’s GO invisible [edition infinity]

    • thanks for d comment @antiwasp and for d recommendation too. I check d artist page and I can agree with u, but he is not d style/ type of art that I write here about. .. anyway good to know one more. cheerS! 😉

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