:flashes. ..like frames from ur life; naturally visual ~


:finally I'll write more about my favorite chef-d'œuvre!



:I first time saw this art work more then one year ago. I was d same as today when I actually find more then one beautiful photo from this master artist. we’ll see d layered landscapes series by artist Nobuhiro Nakanishi.

I can write a lot about this artist but I’m pretty sure that very soon I’ll show some other pieces from him. he just deserves whole observation of his wok. Today as d first working day in d first [non]working week of d New Year I think is fair enough to give d pleasure to our eyes to enjoy in this perfection of visual beauty.



:from trendland we read:

The theme of Japaneses artist Nobuhiro Nakanishi work is “the physical that permeates into the art piece.” Laser print mounted with plexiglass acrylic and layered in a way that it all come up as some intriguing sculpture installations. ” In a foggy landscape, we no longer see what we are usually able to see – the distance to the traffic light, the silhouette of the trees, the slope of the ground. Silhouettes, distance and horizontal sense all become vague. When we perceive this vagueness, the water inside the retina and skin dissolve outwardly toward the infinite space of the body surface.

The landscape continues to flow, withholding us from grasping anything solid. By capturing spatial change and the infinite flow of time, I strive to produce art that creates movement between the artwork itself and the viewer’s experience of the artwork.



.this is d art that takes ur breath away, shocks u in ever way. .. when I first saw this project, still not popular between d network I knew that this is one chef-d’œuvre, genial artist, happy we still have what to present and to be timeless. ..


?do u see this work for first time, is it inspiring for u, do u like this visual art. .. u can leave ur comments below or on :d white b[l]og ::: #facebook page


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