:zen greeting::: Lee Ufan & ‘marking Infinity


!lets we ALL say "OM"mmm. .. to this stOnes ~ :)

@ Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum


.This stones .. no words can be butterfly in a front of this works. Master pieces, chef-d’œuvres of this times. D history of art have had changes like this in d decades and centuries ago, but this for sure is d change that fits my sense of understanding.



Periodically I was seeing things from this artist, d stones yes and in same moment I felt some deep meditative energy that surrounds me. Every time when I watch this pieces of grande art I have d feeling that this connection is stronger even that is virtual, there is no pure communication between me and d stones or d environment, d space. ..d energy that they produce acting one, titled “Marking Infinity”. I like d title, very symbolic name for d 40 year retrospective exhibition of artist Lee Ufan [b. 1936, South Korea]

stunning interventions with d stone like element that play with d gravity mostly everywhere in his works, gives them some role of levitation souls that travel around d space even that they are strongly situated in one single place in d gallery. He make his spiritual zone, marks his infinity of understanding d universe and his living in deeper sense.

:u can see the short video from this performance where sir Lee is putting d stone on this sensitive glass platform. if we mention d dialog that he use in deep sense in other works too he is celebrating in a way d confrontation between d inner personality [soul] with this glass bell reality.


#shortly artnet mention:

Titled “Marking Infinity,” the show inhabits the museum’s spiraling exhibition ramp, rotunda and two ancillary galleries with minimalist expanses of canvas and spare configurations of stone and steel. It’s a Zen Garden of matter, form and space.

:The artist-philosopher Lee Ufan from d early 60ties is marking one special way of expressing trough his art and since then he land in d art community as person pretty important for d modern art history. His deep intellectual combination of d visual, conceptual and theoretical brings his art pieces in a stadium that is comfortable for all d viewers. Meditation by itself.

” Since his early Mono-ha period, Lee has restricted his choice of sculptural materials to steel plates and stones, focusing on their precise conceptual and spatial juxtaposition. The steel plate—hard, heavy, solid—is made to build things in the modern world; the stone, in its natural as-is state, “belongs to an unknown world” beyond the self and outside modernity, evoking “the other” or “externality.”

Arranging the plates in precise relationships to the stones, Lee’s Relatum series (1968– ) presents a durational form of coexistence between the made and the not made, the material and the immaterial elements of our surroundings. The series title is a philosophical term denoting terms, objects, or events between which a relation exists. In Lee’s mind, the occasion of the site-specific work and the network of dynamics it triggers is more important than the object per se, and we the viewer enter the scene as an equal part of the whole.”

:Alexandra Munroe, Samsung Senior Curator,Asian Art [from guggenheim]


:besides this works with stones that I most prefer in this retrospective exhibition Sir Lee Ufan presents some paintings, some of them called dialogs at d @guggenheim:

:from line


!hope u like this post, if u have anything else to mention here I would be very happy if I see ur opinions.. for me this are not d only projects that I like from him, he really creates chef-d’œuvres. .. u can leave ur comments below or on :d white b[l]og ::: #facebook page

:Zen greeting::: Lee Ufan & ‘Marking Infinity


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