:yes, IKEA is white. .. & goes to theater

IKEA, which is known for its affordable and stylish offerings,
has contributed to the set design of two operas, ‘The Bell’
by Gaetono Donizzetti and ‘Gianni Schicchi’ by Giacomo Puccini

If we speak about today modern art, we need not to forgot to mention the new thing* that comes from IKEA. Hey I’ll not write on my blog about marketing stuff, I know is not blog about that, but u know IKEA is doin’ some “art stuff” too u know?!

Well, we’ll not speak about how arty their things are, but in d nowadays design their products pretty enough fit with d space of lots of homes, houses, apartments etc. The last thing that comes from their office is d thing* that I want to mention here on this blog. It’s about d last collaboration that IKEA made & is incredible to believe but yes, they were responsible for d stage design of two opera shows.

I found this information this mornin’ and I was pretty surprised too, but wait on: I think they’ve done pretty good job there. Besides that their furniture fits d stage, they also look fantastic there. Great one, kudos for d one who get d idea to buy d products that he need for d stage design from there, and asking them friendly if they want to collaborate.

Some of d elements are on d open list of products and available for everyone that will purchase. ..not sure if u want to transfer ur life in opera theater story, but my opinion is that IKEA are becoming better then ever. Cheap, simple, easy materials but still esthetically beautiful.

The furniture pieces from the Swedish retailer were used for stage design of two classic operas, which are not related to either to modern house design or the history of furniture in any way. The brand, which likes to experiment with colors and forms, now has entered a new universe, the opera one, by contributing to the settings of the operas at Teatro Carlo Felice, Genoa.

‘The Bell’ takes place inside of the house of a newly-wed couple. Along with the costumes and props, the chairs, tables and buffets communicate their location and social status. The flexible quality of the pieces allowed them to be moved and arranged by the actors, becoming a key component of the play,” says designboom.

:It was about a time when d furniture companies will start adapt to d need of all fields, theater stage is perfect place to explore and invent designs that will bring one story more visibly to d audience, and this stylish furniture used here just open d doors and present d proper way. 🙂


:what do u Think about IKEA, u like them? Do you have some of their furniture in ur house, are they enough artistic to work in d art spaces or just to much industrialist & good for regular environment?You can leave ur comments below or on :d white b[l]og facebook page

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