:no brush please! [1oq]


This what I saw today is totally amazing. It’s about painting in some very strange style/ technique that I haven’t saw before. It’s about painting without using brushes but d final result is breathtaking. Gravity is her best friend.

First: watch the video. Twenty-five year old, Toronto-based artist Amy Shackleton paints these lusciously drippy paintings without use of a brush or fingers, instead she relies on good old gravity (and occasionally string as a guide) to move the paint slowly across the canvas in delicately controlled pours. The video above captures the somewhat tedious yet brilliant process in detail, as a 30-hour painting session condensed into two minutes. I find this so unbelievably amazing and beautiful. See more of her work here, and you’ll have a chance to see it in person at Art Toronto 2011 in October. (via gizmodo)

I could write here thousands of words for that what she’s doin’ & how much inspiring it is. ..but better to spend d time watching her masterpieces and floathing with d colors that she use in so liquid way that is almost like colorful soul waterfal on her canvases.

Usually she’s inspirated from d nature and very often u can find in her work different landscapes but not rare she combine them with some parts from d city or d civilization. She do this combination of nature & civilization in some totally unique artistique way and u can’t even recognize when she is moving from d first canvas to d second one (and even more..) with d style of painting she’s trying to bring to d viewer one strong message: that there is another world but is in this one!

:rainy autumn days. this colors are playin’ with d content like rain drops playin’ on a foggy window.

Enjoy her work!

:night and day:urban.growth


5 thoughts on “:no brush please! [1oq]

  1. Brushless painting is wonderful. It used to be that painters only had the choice of brush or knife. Now there are so many possibilities. Every time you push the brush back and forth over an area of color, it dulls. Try painting with fingers, paper towels,spray bottles. Paint on horozontil surfaces to really let the color move itself.

    • definitely @Suzanne there are different types/ ways of expressions, techniques, materials, tools, etc. ..and d interesting in d contemporary era is that d artists are making fascinating experiments with all what we have as resources in d environment and we kind of ‘micro’ evolute in d (post)modern art.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing her work! I am blown away by her technique– she’s taken “action painting” which is usually all about “accidents” and taken control of it, turning it on it’s head! And the colors, the imagery is startlingly good. I am thrilled to have seen this today!

    • ..yes @mamadestroy it’s sort of action painting, just d difference is in d way of use. ..she is bit conceptual in d attitude, she have idea, picture, landscape .. “space for work”.
      ..in d classical accepted ‘action’ painting we can see more abstract, geometrical forms & shapes. ..but I can agree that in her paintings there is a lot of expression, colors, moves, short time of realizations of work etc..

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