:11 conceptual #photography

.we live in a contemporary times where almost everyone of Us is kind of photographer and have big folder in his computer with his pictures. when we speak about photography, since we live in modern times now we can more clearly see different ways of selecting and promoting styles in shooting.

If we speak about d concept  in general, we all know that this is something for which is necessary to have plan, story, idea, message, way of expression. ..etc. if we mention d photography in this context nothing will be changed. d work with conceptual photography is pretty a challenge, it’s kind of dream work where most of d artists present their surreal ways of accepting d things around, but there are some concepts that are pretty deep and with strong message between d lines that brings d idea of d author even closer to d viewer with d elements that he uses in his works.

this selection I done in a period of few week. we can find in this selection photography where d photographer took care for d colors, for d perspective, for d light also as for d landscape, objects, story, tools.. I hope u’ll enjoy this Top 11, it’s first of that kind.


1. stop the time_by: Tanha

:Stop The Time

2. Expanding The Horizons of Imagination _by: Monique

Expanding The Horizons of Imagination

3. To Erect a Monument _by: Victoria Ivanova

To Erect a Monument

4. George Gradinaru

5. Dave Nitsche

Dave Nitsche

6. Perpetuum Mobile _by: Hajdu Tamas

Perpetuum Mobile

7. A.madestra. W

A.madestra. W

8. No Boundaries _by:  Monique

No Boundaries_© Monique

9. Barge Haulers _by: Victoria

Barge Haulers

10. Clara Zamith

Clara Zamith

11. Svibilsky


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