:ORIGAMIBIRO, what’s that?!

[play d video & read]. ..actually WATCH d video!

Imagine music and video playing a game together. And telling stories at the same time. That’s what it’s like to experience a performance by audio-visual collective Origamibiro.
The collaborative trio merge found objects, unorthodox contraptions, multi instrumentalism and persistence of vision to create an atmosphere both nostalgic and otherworldly.

This is amazing work. Master piece of art and music. Video that makes waterfall of inspiration, soft storm of ideas. They make perfect combination of all d instruments, tech, materials & thoughts. @ponor is person [friend] in d web that can make u truly happy with her findings. Thank u for sharing this, it’s good start, first step for exploring more from their work.

– Is this d future turned ON? :awesome story covered with deep sense for d presence.. for d contemporary age in which we live. Is this d new age wave?! If this is d new sound comin’ out of our brains I definitely vote for IT! organic notes, tranquility vibes like produced from our soul, atmosphere that is full of joy. all at all pretty silent experimental, but silent as music characteristic not as music. d music is full with elements, they put a lot of work in every second that is played there.

So, ORIGAMIBIRO is a multi-practice audio visual artist collective. started out as a solo music project by Tom Hill in 2007 with the release of Cracked Mirrors and Stopped Clocks, Origamibiro has since become a live audio-visual collective comprised of fellow musician Andy Tytherleigh and video artist, Jim Boxall – aka The Joy of Box. The trio employ multiple instruments, hi and lo-fi technologies and an array of unorthodox objects and mixed media, including guitars, typewriters, infra red cameras, double bass, ukulele and bowed electric guitar.

Through their studio experiments and live performances, Origamibiro have strived to produce music and images that are beautiful, generative and organic. They have fused their respective backgrounds together: bringing an intricate and diverse selection of instruments, elements of expanded cinema, soundtrack music, found objects and unorthodox devices.

Quad Time from The Joy of Box on Vimeo.

!wonderful project: more u can find [HERE]

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